Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Art in L.A.

Jim Morrison. Photo by Jim McCrary for A&M Records
This past weekend was a bonanza weekend for art openings. We only attended three openings, amid the myriad of happenings. Friday night we went to "Grievous Angel: An Intimate View of Gram Parsons" at the Harmony Gallery on Franklin Ave. near Bronson in Hollywood. There were tons 'o photos of the rock/country icon, many by one of Larry's former professors at Art Center, Jim McCrary. We saw a few rock celebs, including Miss Pamela Des Barres, Lisa Loeb and various other roots musicians from yesterday and today.
Saturday we headed over to the burgeoning art gallery scene in East Culver City and stopped at Billy Shire Fine Arts on Washington, just west of Fairfax for the Miriam Wosk opening. Miriam is a collage artist. Her work is stunning and mind-blowing...a must-see!
Sunday, Otis Art Institute was featured at "Otis: Nine Decades of Los Angeles Art" at Barnsdall Park. It was so interesting to see work from students of the 1930's thru the 1990's. Many of our friends and acquaintances were there, so it was really a very fun time. My friend, Keiko had some of her re-constructed plates in the show...they are amazing. Keiko was wearing this hand-painted kimono...faboo. One of the best use of thrift shop items in a construction was this mosaic-like piece made from wooden serving dishes by Annetta Kapon. I could definitely live with this piece.
Outside the gallery, close to the Aline Barnsdall home, Hollyhock, built by Frank Lloyd Wright., there were groupings of artists selling their work. One man crocheted these marvelous looking idols/dolls. There was jewelry, sculpture, etc. for sale too. I spotted Rhonda from the Dirt Gallery wearing this vibrant newsboy hat, backwards....excellent colors.



At 12:40 PM PST, Anonymous Christine G. said...

Sounds like such a fun and lively weekend!

At 12:43 PM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Hi Christine....I think our weekend was tooooo lively. I didn't have enough time to knit or crochet!!! Thanks for commenting.


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