Monday, July 17, 2006

Another Busy Weekend

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Pacific Park @ Santa Monica Pier
Even though it's been reallllllllly hot in L.A., I've been running around town like crazy. Friday night, Larry and I drove out to the Santa Monica Pier to catch a band called the Jukehounds at Rusty's Surf Ranch. The drummer in the band, Brandon, is a personal friend of ours.

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Brandon and The Jukehounds
It was fun to see some of our ol' rock 'n roll buddies at the gig. We had a good time. The SM Pier was packed with tourists. We strolled down to the end of the Pier...lots of activity. Thankfully, there was a really cool breeze coming off the ocean....very refreshing.
Saturday, I drove out to Studio City to meet my cousins for lunch. It was so hot, I forgot to take any photos! We had a nice lunch at Zach's. Then we stopped by Dulcinea to check out Susan Dilger's jewelry. Divine. I realized that the shop, Ducinea, used to be the Fiesta Pottery shop. I've purchased plenty of pottery in this place. In fact, I even purchased my living room poodle lamps here. Fond memories.
Saturday night there were a few gallery openings that we decided to attend, hoping that the galleries were air-conditioned and would offer some relief from our hot little house! First stop was Billy Shire Fine Arts on Washington near Fairfax. Glenn Barr and Hudson Marquez were showing. Very interesting.

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Larry @ BSFA

My friend Joan Tucker had informed me of the "All in the Family" show at the George Billis Gallery on La Cienega, right next to La Ballona Creek.

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Wow! What a scene. The artists and their relatives were: Ed Ruscha, Ed Moses, Laddie John Dill and more. The gallery is small and the crowd was large. It was a surprising group of people that I surmised were from Venice, Santa Monica and the west-side in my unassuming little Mid-City 'hood. If more art galleries move to this neighborhood, we just may start to be trendy!

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The lovely, stagnant La Ballona Creek
After trying to view the art, seeing a few friends and having some wine, we zoomed over to Bergamot Station in Santa Monica for the latest show at Copro-Nason Gallery. The headliner was artist Luke Chueh. His work is always entertaining.

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"Facing the Facade" by Luke Chueh
Sunday was another scorcher. We tried to get some chores done at home, but we folded early from the heat. I had a b-day dinner date with my friend Joan at The Metro Cafe in Culver City at 7pm. It was even hot in Culver City. We did, however have a divine dinner. Joan had the veal stew, I had skirt steak.

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We both had flan for dessert. Thanks, for the yarn, Joan!!!

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I'm definitely stopping by the Home Depot or O.S.H. today after work to pick up some sort of cooling system for our bedroom. I promise not too use up too much electricity!!!!



At 5:55 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We just LOVE the Metro Cafe. Aren't the guys that run the place cute?


At 9:09 AM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...


How do you find out about all of these interesting art galleries? In the ArtScene Magazine, they only have the standard Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood Galleries listed.


At 9:11 AM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Hi Jamilla,

I read the L.A. Weekly or City Beat to find out about alternative art openings. Sometimes, if you sign up for the mailing list at one alternative gallery, you'll end up on the mailing list for a few galleries. The best thing is just to go to one of the "low-brow" art galleries and just get on their list. Start at Copro-Nason at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica. Many of the galleries there are really interesting!

See you there!

Ellen B.


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