Monday, February 19, 2007

Mardi Gras 2007

Brit, Ellen and Mary Jo
The Market was packed both Saturday and Sunday. I met up with Brit and Mary Jo on Saturday. We had lunch and listened to The Big Boys Dixieland-style band in the East Patio. Later, we moseyed on down to the West Patio where T-Lou and his Super Hot Zydeco Band were entertaining the crowds. We ended up doing a little shopping in the FM and the Grove and called it a day. The crowds really were overwhelming. Of course, Larry was there, photographing everything ALLLLL day!
Ellen & Larry on Saturday

Incredible Mardi Gras Beads
I'm particularly fond of the Zydeco GUMBY Ya-Ya Beads

Mardi Gras Revelers
It was unbelievably hot this past weekend! 91 degrees at the Original Farmers Market on Saturday! Phew! It's usually cloudy and cool and even rainy during M.G. Oh was fun anyway, even though the heat made the crowds slightly more dense.
The Bird Lady of Mardi Gras
San Fernando Valley Banjo Band
On Sunday, Larry and I got to the FM around 1-ish. We watched the San Fernando Valley Banjo Band, followed Eddie Baytos and the Nervis Bros. while they marched and seranaded various tables, and then ended up on the West Patio to see Lisa Haley and her Zydekats. Skip Edwards was playing accordion with Lisa's band and Skip's a BIG DEAL...they were fantastic.
Eddie Baytos and Jimmy Z
Skip Edwards and Lisa Haley
Again, I left early for some quiet. Larry didn't get home until after 9pm! It seems that I missed most of my friends on Sunday: Christine and Michael, Robbie, Josefina, Gus, Miss Pat, Natalie, etc. Sorry, year, we'll have to arrange a meeting time and place.
Larry on Sunday
Ellen on Sunday



At 3:12 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen!

Looks like you had a Bon Ton Roulet at the Mardi Gras. Have a marvelous time at Stitches West. I may see you there.


At 3:43 PM PST, Blogger carlita dee said...

We went to The Grove on Sunday afternoon for lunch with Andre and his new girlfriend. Parking alone made me want to turn around and leave. Ack. I can only imagine what the Market was like.

Sounds like Mr. Larry partied down!

That T-shirt's hilarious.

At 4:35 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ellen, we were very sorry to have missed you, but it was great to see Mr. Larry working hard! And we ran into other of our friends, and were thrilled with the whole event. Definitely want to repeat it next year.

The Saturday tapas party didn't pan out, but Michael and I ended up at Michael's Restaurant that night for some jambalaya and karaoke gawking. On Sunday we saw one of the karaoke singers at FM! Guess he was doing the jambalaya circuit along with us.

Have a great time at Stitches West! Laura and I are planning on going to SnB this Thursday and we'll miss you for sure!

At 5:03 PM PST, Blogger Laurie Ann said...

I am TOTALLY jealous of your Gumby beads and Larry's dice beads. Oh, and the Grapes! Too much fun. And to think, I missed it for the elevators from hell.

And no food photos...shocking!

At 1:44 PM PST, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Did Mr. Larry take the close-up of your "beads"? Sure. . . THAT's what he was focusing on!!! (love the grapes, also!)

At 2:06 PM PST, Blogger dizzy von damn! said...


that's all.

At 9:47 AM PST, Blogger Sally said...

Hi Ellen! Met you Saturday night at the Kuran's. We talked about ukeleles and collecting and Sourdough Slim and Whit Smith. What else! Your blog is terrific and your hats are divine. Here's mine.


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