Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Fire Season

Griffith Park Fire - view from Santa Monica

Looks like we're going to have a bad fire season this spring and summer. We need rain!

Quoted from the L.A. Times website: "A fire broke out in Griffith Park today above the Greek Theater and fire officials were trying to determine its size and source. Large amounts of smoke were reported below the Observatory about 1 p.m. Authorities said the fire had burned 15 acres east of the Greek Theater near the Hollywood sign. Scores of firefighters from the L.A. City and County fire departments were fighting the blaze from the ground and air. No homes were threatened. "
Please be careful. If you live in the hills, clear the brush around your house; be careful when you barbecue or smoke. I love Los Angeles and I don't want to see it burn.



At 9:20 PM PDT, Blogger shaunna said...

Thanks Ellen for welcoming me to the world of bloggin'!
Yeah, this is definately shaping up to be a scary fire season...stay safe out there in L.A.
talk soon!

At 1:47 PM PDT, Blogger Joslyn H. said...

Hi Ellen!

It's so wonderful to read about your love for L.A. I was born and raised there and even though I have been gone for about ten years, there is no place in the world I love more. It's sad to see fire harm one of my favorite places, and I hope all will be well soon.

At 12:26 AM PST, Blogger John said...

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