Friday, October 19, 2007

Knit Success & Weekend Plans

Last night at the WeHo SnB, Joan brought her completed brown sweater. Joan is a new knitter. Her previous projects included two spa cloths and a pair of wristwarmers. She picked up crochet last year and really got into it, completing a scarf, a hat and maybe a few other small items. After seeing this year's fashion magazines, using chunky, bulky yarn for the latest sweaters, Joan decided that she wanted to learn to knit. We picked out some Wool-EaseĀ® Chunky yarn in a beautiful, warm brown color, size 13 needles and started to knit! I modified a pattern that Joan found in a book and followed the lines of sweater in her wardrobe that she really liked. Joan is a knitting savant. She picked it up very quickly and within a month, her sweater was completed. Congratulations, Joan on your fashionable, oversized sweater!
There are lots of things to do this weekend. Larry and I will be attending a few estate sales on the westside early on Saturday morning, then I'll see if he'll swing by Compatto Yarn Salon with me for their fall sale! Compatto (2112 Wilshire Blvd., SM, parking in back) has a really wonderful selection of unusual yarns like Bamboo, Tencel, Yak and more.
On Saturday night, Copro-Nason Gallery at Bergamot Station also in Santa Monica is having an art opening and Halloween party. Can you just imagine the type of costumes that all of those wild low-brow artists will be wearing?
On Sunday, The Mosaic House (1116 Palms Blvd., Venice CA 90291, between Lincoln Blvd & Penmar Ave) is holding it's Fall (pre-Christmas) show of artwork and functional, whimsical pottery, 12 - 5 pm. The artwork and pottery by owners, Cheri Pann and Gonzalo Duran are truly worth seeing. Of course, it goes without saying that The Mosaic House is a folk-art landmark in Los Angeles. We've visted often and we always see something new with each viewing.

Close-Up, The Mosaic House Patio

See you on the Westside this weekend!

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At 2:38 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG! Joan's sweater is darling! I can't believe this is one of her first knit projects. Where did you get the pattern?


At 2:39 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Hi Judy,

Yes, Joan did a really great job on this sweater. Like I said in the post, we just looked at sweaters in magazines and then did some math, while looking at a store-bought sweater that fit Joan. The design of the sweater is very down, drop shoulder, stockinet stitch with some garter stitch trim.

At 10:02 PM PDT, Blogger mehitabel said...

This weekend is also the Craftsman Weekend in Pasadena, with tours of the historic houses on Sunday and lots of arts and crafts and antiques for sale at the Masonic Temple (itself a grand sight!) Sat. and Sun. both. NAYY but that's where I'm going! (Well, I have a date at Unraveled first...)

At 3:57 AM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joan's sweater is beautiful....I just love it. I'm a beginner knitter too (Scarfs and hats)and I want to knit that sweater too. Wish I had you around to help me (I took baby math to get out of college). Back to the do you block your scarfs? Lulu


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