Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cactus Mart

The birthday party we went to in Joshua Tree on Saturday night was really fun. It was hosted by my former co-host of "The Friday Night Blues Revue" on KPCC-Radio, John "Juke" Logan. Juke has a knack of getting all the old gang back together. It was such a good time, that I hardly took any photos to show you! Needless to say, we stayed late, ate lots of good barbecue, visited with old friends and played music late into the night, all at Juke's beautiful desert retreat!
On Sunday morning, after a quick breakfast, Larry and I headed toward Morongo Valley to the Cactus Mart. This is the best display of cactus for sale I've ever seen. It's a great place to visit, even if you don't want to buy cactus. Their prices are reasonable and they have an amazing selection. We wanted to pick up something special for our friends, Maggie and Bill. We planned to see their new home in Studio City on the ride home from the desert.
Once you choose the cactus you want, then you choose the ceramic pot. There's a self-potting bench with soil, rocks and all other sorts of doo-dads to add to your plant. Larry did the honors for Maggie's and Bill's plant. Below are a few photos of the Cactus Mart. Larry, of course is the star of the show!

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At 12:41 PM PDT, Blogger Natalie said...

That looks like a nice little agave you picked up there in cacti town. I love that you can pot you plant right there. Very cool.

At 5:26 PM PDT, Blogger Annette said...

What a fun thing to do. If I'm ever in Morongo I'll check it out. Looks like a fun weekend. :)

At 8:36 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just popped over from Crazy Aunt Purl's blog to tell you: you made me double up laughing with your account of petting the stuffed Misty. Everyone else (including me) was so, well, misty about the books. Oh the horror!


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