Thursday, November 13, 2008

Events This Weekend

1965, LACMA, building designed by Wm. L. Pereira & Associates
Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Public Library Collection

There are lots of things goin' on in L.A. this weekend!
Saturday: On our SnB-LA list we received this intriguing note:

Hi Everyone! A local gallery, Machine Project, is curating a unique show at LACMA this Saturday (Nov. 15) from 12:00-8:00. I'll be displaying some of my crocheted birds and leading a crochet workshop right behind the Chris Burden "Urban Lights" installation. The workshops meet at 12:00-3:00 and at 3:30-6:30. I'll be sharing my bird pattern and teaching anyone who'd like to learn crochet. If you already know how, come by and make a bird to add to the installation!
Hope to see you there!

I would definitely go to this event if I weren't driving to Riverside for the day to meet up with my friend, Jacquie from Indio.

Of course, there's the BEST Saturday SnB at the HomeGirl Cafe, Alameda & Bruno, Downtown LA from 2-5pm.

This is a new one for me: Alpaca Fest West. It's Saturday and Sunday in the City of Industry. Sounds fascinating!

Saturday night, we might just wander up to Joe's Great American Bar and Grille in Toluca Lake to see our old friend, James Intveld perform. Years ago, large groups of us used to follow James to every club in town, every night of the week! He's so talented. Swoon.

Sunday: Big Event. It's the pre-Christmas Felt Club at the Shrine Exhibition Hall, near USC, 11am to 7pm. This is always an inspiring sale. Tons and tons of artisans and crafters display their wares for sale. There's always food and music too. I don't usually employ this over-used word, but it's AWESOME!

Also on Sunday, from 2-4, my friend, Lori is having a silver jewelry party at her place. If you're interested in this event, send Lori a comment on her blog for the details.



At 12:15 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen,

You are so lucky to live in a town that has so many entertainment options!



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