Monday, May 02, 2011

Beautiful Weekend

Minimalist Liza Lou Show in Venice

It was a sunny and gorgeous weekend in Los Angeles. We ran around town and did some errands. I managed to stop by the L & M Arts Gallery in Venice to catch Liza Lou's latest work. Whoa! She's really changed her aesthetic. Her previous work was extremely colorful...lots of sequins, covering household and garden objects. This show called "Yo! Venice!" is monochromatic, mostly gold and white, very non-fussy and serene. My favorite piece, harkening back to her early work was the gold-covered spinning wheel.
Liza Lou's Spinning Wheel covered in gold thread

Sorry, Liza. I guess people need to see the type of art that made you famous. The public loves to pigeon-hole people, me, included.
After the Gallery, I met up with Ana at Cafe Brasil for a late lunch....delicious! Then we went to the Fairview Branch of the Santa Monica Public Library for a meet-up with the Fairview Knitters.
It was a fiber-tastic weekend for me. On Sunday, the Sometimes Sunday Crochet group met over at Lori's house. I brought my swap potholders to share. Lori had a bowl of colorful M & M's on the table that matched one of my potholders perfectly!!! Thanks, again, Logan!
I'm on vacation this week, so I'll be checking in sporadically. On Tuesday, I'll be in Las Vegas, visiting with friends! Viva Las Vegas!

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At 6:59 AM PDT, Blogger Jean said...

Great use of color, love the M & M's with the pot holder, Happy Vacationing!


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