Tuesday, December 20, 2011

So, What's the Bloom Family Story?

Color photos by Ellen Bloom, except where noted

photo, courtesy of Barbara Bloom

On Sunday my cousins, Amie, Barbara and Carol hosted a book signing party at my Uncle's home for his self-published book of memoirs. The book is called "So What's The Story" by Morton J. Bloom. It's not available on Amazon.com yet, but should be soon!

The Author with his daughter, Barbara

Uncle Mort, at the age of 94, decided it was high time to actually write down all of the family stories he'd been telling us for years. His daughters helped with this production....Carol helped Mort recall many facts, Barbara edited and compiled the book, Amie kept Mort on track and focused while working on this project. I offered many photos from my Bloom family archive, given to me by my Dad, George and my grandmother, Ethel.

Barbara, Carol, Larry, Judy

The book is over 140 pages long, filled with family history, photographs, drawings and even recipes! Yes, among his many accomplishments, Uncle Mort is a great cook!

It's always a pleasure getting together with all of my cousins. We have so many memories of growing up together in Los Angeles. I'm glad that many of them decided to attend from San Diego, Santa Barbara, Knoxville, Sebastopol, Massachusetts and New York!

Sasha and Ellen
Adrianne, Roz and Hal
Alex and Gena
Alex, Sasha, Ellie, Eda
JoEllen, Amie, Jessica
MacKenzie and Mike
Roz and Jo

Mort thoughtfully gifted each of us with a copy of the book. I'm thrilled to have this record of our family's history from the Ukraine, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Iowa, Illinois, Los Angeles and beyond! Thanks Uncle Mort. We all appreciate your recollections and generosity!

The Blooms, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, 1922
Top: Lawrence, Hi, Ethel. Bottom: Mort, George
photo from the Bloom Family Archive

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At 4:23 PM PST, Blogger Carol Bloom said...

You're the greatest - Ellen! Thanks for posting this. And thanks to Larry for all the pics - (can't say I love mine, but oh well) - Happy Solstice and Hanukkah
- Carol

At 8:36 PM PST, Blogger Jean said...

Well I knew it ran in the family - born authors - can't escape your destiny now!

At 10:35 PM PST, Anonymous Cousin Danny said...

Hey Family:
Sorry we could not see you all but luckily Mr. Morton Bloom hosted myself and Jakob and Madeline and Miles for a sneak preview where we received an advanced copy and some terrific quality time over cinnamon buns and apple juice! Thanks, Mort and Thanks to Ellen for the the great blog and Cuz Larry for the amazing photography...
Happy Happy to all...
Danny Boy

At 7:35 AM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Thanks for all the comments! Just wanted to let EVERYONE know that the photos on this blog were taken with my camera...mostly by ME. We will see Larry's photos at a later date!

At 2:26 PM PST, Anonymous Robert Blackman said...

Well, I am not a family member and at best I am a 10,000 mile distanced fringe rememberence but sailing with Mort was awesome, but heck I didn't know he could cook too...!


At 2:30 PM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Thanks for the comment, Robert B! We all spent many fun times sailing with Uncle Mort on the "Vigorish!"


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