Thursday, May 17, 2012

God Bless Americana

Jacquie, Bob & Larry @ MOCA
On Sunday, after our Mother's Day activities, the four of us lazed around the house.  Well, Bob and Larry didn't laze around, they worked on the old cars in the backyard.  Bob is a great motivator. They eventually started the Dodge.  Once Larry installed a new fuel pump, he moved the Dodge and Chevy onto the driveway.  Woo Hoo!  We can finally see the backyard!
Jacquie and I crocheted and watched TV....definitely lazy.
Around 5-ish, we zoomed downtown for a quick sandwich and checked-in at the Museum of Contemporary Art, site of Charles Phoenix and his Big Retro Slide Show
1955 Slide of Wilshire & Hauser, Miracle Mile

Description for this event:  Live comedy performance by pop culture expert, Charles Phoenix, celebrating classic and kitschy SoCal life and style – car culture, road trips, tourist traps, theme parks, space age suburbia, fun fashions, theme parties and much more. Charles also shares his catchy enthusiasm for local landmarks, legends and lore and predicts retro inspired trends!!! Festive dress is encouraged but not expected.
Charles Phoenix, wearing his festive, hand-painted suit
Charles was great, of course. There's a reason he's been dubbed a "Hist-o-tainer." He was hopping around the stage like a better-dressed Mick Jagger, regaling us with his humor and faboo Kodachrome slides.  One of Charles' fans had a bobble-head doll made of him.  It's hilarious.

Just like Charles says, our spirits were soaring after this show!
Is it Bobble or is it Charles?

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At 5:13 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You were all over town, Ellen. Looks like a fun show!



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