Monday, December 03, 2012

Saturday in Atwater

It was a rainy Saturday in L.A.  Our driveway definitely reflects the fall weather!  I drove to Atwater Village on Saturday morning and met up with Mary Jo for our ukulele group meeting, The Pluckin' Strummers.  I do like this group.  They meet twice a month.  I have other knit and/or crochet obligations though and can only meet up once a month.  It's a diverse group....all ages, which I like.  
Break time at Pluckin' Strummers Group

We play tunes from the "Daily Ukulele" song book in addition to other music that people share.  On Saturday I brought along copies of "Jingle Bell Rock" to share.  It was fun getting up in front of the group to lead the song.
Happy Mary Jo

After uke group, Mary Jo and I drove a few blocks to the Bauer Warehouse Holiday Sale.  The warehouse is on a dreary, industrial alley.  It's gray on the outside, but when you open the doors to the showroom, you are bombarded with beautiful Bauer and Russell Wright color!  I do believe this is the happiest place on earth.  
Bauer Pottery

We ran into a few friends, Tom and Claire, along with Rene.  We both purchased gifts.  The sale continues for the next few weekends.  20% off!  
Russell Wright Pottery

There was a food truck outside the warehouse, the Pineapple Express.  We had planned to eat lunch here, but it started raining.  Instead, we went to Indochine for a nice, warm, soothing bowl of pho!  Thanks, Mary Jo!  It was a good Saturday!

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