Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ramen Quest!

Ramen Quest!  This is my name for a new Food TV series wherein Larry and I try the many noodle shops around Los Angeles for the perfect bowl of ramen.  Along the way we would point out interesting sights and crazy people around the City with shopping tips.  Call me, Food TV development execs!  I'm ready for my close-up (with soft-focus lense of course).
Ever since restaurant critic, Jonathan Gold published his top ten ramen places in L.A., we've been trying to hit them all and make our own decisions about our faves.  We've been to most of the urban L.A. locations.  We haven't made it to Gardena yet.  We will though, in the near future!
On Saturday, after a tiring day of Knitting Guild meetings and L.A. Walking Tours Larry and I decided to hop over to Little Tokyo and try Men Oh Tokushima Ramen.

The restaurant is located in the Honda Plaza on 2nd Street, right across from the parking lot entrance to the Marukai Market.  Each side of the Honda Plaza is lined with a different type of Japanese restaurant.  It's a perfect destination!  There were tons of Gen X kids hanging out, smoking, drinking and flirting in the parking lot.  Quite a scene!

When we arrived at Men Oh around 7pm, it was almost empty.  By 8pm, it was very busy.  We each ordered the Tokushima Ramen.  It was delicious and very reminiscent of the Tonkatsu Ramen at Jinya (our local spot).

I would definitely return to Men Oh if we are in the area.  However, I would not make a special trip since the ramen is so similar to our local Ramen Jinya.  NOW, I want to try all the other restaurants located in the Honda Plaza!

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At 8:57 PM PDT, Blogger betty said...

Yum! I love ramen!

I remember you blogging about visiting friends in Vegas not too long ago. Next time you go there, try out some ramen in the Las Vegas chinatown area. They have a couple of great ones there.


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