Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

We were lucky enough to be included in a small Cinco de Mayo celebration last Sunday at the home of Carol and Thane.  Yes, they like to give parties.  They give excellent parties.  We all brought something to share for the meal, but Carol and Thane outdid themselves with the margaritas (fresh limes from their backyard tree), two types of guacamole, salsa and all of the other fixin's for sopes
The day before, the weather was hot and perfect.  Not so much on Sunday.  It wasn't freezing, but the sun was hidden for most of the afternoon.  Not to worry!  The warmth of those strong margaritas heated up the party!

After a long cocktail hour, the meat was thrown on the grill and the main meal was served.   One of our friends requested that I bring my ukulele to teach him a few chords.  That friend bowed out of the party at the last minute, but the ukuleles surfaced.  

We sang a few tunes and then had dessert!  It was a wonderful afternoon!  O
Mexican Mocha Cake w/Kahlua
More photos here

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At 8:50 PM PDT, Blogger gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

This all looks fun and delicious but that photo of you smiling and laughing with your uke is just wonderful!


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