Monday, July 08, 2013

4th of July Wedding

Larry photographs the Happy Couple

Instead of going to Inglewood for our usual 4th of July party this year, we were invited to a very special and fun wedding by Brooke and Deyo.  They met on the 4th, were engaged on the 4th and decided to get married on the 4th...all within 4 years!
Bride and Groom PiƱatas

This was an exceptionally fun wedding.  It was held at the home where the couple usually attends 4th of July parties in Studio City.  The home was lovely and all decked out for the festivities.  Everyone involved and invited to the event was warm and friendly.  We did know many people present, but were equally at home talking to everyone at the party.
Tummler, Dave "Gruber" Allen with the Band
John, Yipsy, Charlene, Chris and Johnny
There was a smokin' combo and fantastic wedding singer and emcee.  The food was perfect too.  The wedding cake was more than delicious and clever.  There were fireworks later that evening close to the wedding site!  

The Hamburger Wedding Cake!

It was a perfectly wonderful 4th of July celebration. Congratulations Brooke and Deyo!
To see more wedding photos, click here.

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