Friday, July 19, 2013

Party Progression

 419 South Bedford Drive, Beverly Hills, July 1956

I still adhere to the party progression initiated at my fourth birthday party at Roxbury Park so many years ago.  This week's vintage photo Friday takes you back to Beverly Hills, 1956.  First, you take establishing shots before the party, then you photograph the meal.  Afterwards, be sure to get a cake shot and the opening of the presents.  The last photo is the group shot.  I'll be doing this all weekend in celebration of this year's birthday!
First photo, the obligatory photo in front of the car in the driveway at our duplex on South Bedford Drive.  I'm wearing a light blue party dress with darker blue flowers on it.  My hair is tied back with a blue scarf from my Mother's collection.
Then, I'm sure my Brother, Father and other adults drove all the party supplies to Roxbury Park, one block away.  There's this alley that runs behind the park and Spalding Drive with parking spaces near the picnic tables and barbecues.
When you're 4 years old, your only friends are your cousins and the children of your parents' friends.  That is who attended this birthday party.  My girl cousins, Janet Petkin, Amie and Barbie Bloom; friends from our old neighborhood in Beverlywood, Margie and Danny Bovill, Mark and Jill Borden, Robbie Feldman, Allison and Ricky Singer, Richie Leivenberg.  Not everyone managed to get their photos taken.
I'm sure we ran around the Park and played in the "Beverly Land" portion of the children's playground for a bit.  Then, we had barbecued hot dogs and potato chips with punch for lunch. 
 Ellen, looking at something that Margie Bovill is holding, Allison Singer and Cousin Janet. 
That's Auntie Celia in the background without her head! 
Check out the Ginny Doll Cake!

You can see my birthday cake on the table.  It's a pre-Barbie doll (I think her name was Ginny).  Her full skirt is the actual cake. It was probably pink and white.  Brilliant.   
After cake and ice-cream we sat on the lawn and opened presents.  

 Grandma Freda looks on as I open presents, along with Margie, Barbie, Danny and Mark.

 Notice, my Brother, Ken is the only one wearing a party hat.  He always did love costumes.  
That's Cousin Amie on the left, next to Auntie Frances, Me, Margie, Cousin Barbie and Mark.

After receiving the BIG PRESENT of the day from my parents which was a Hurdy Gurdy, most of the kids and my brother, Ken gathered around me for the group shot.
Looks like my brother, Ken is trying to calm down an argument I'm having with Robbie Feldman.
Cousin Janet is peeking out on the left, Margie is next to me, Barbie, Mark and then Richie, smiling perfectly.

I'm still in contact with most of the kids at this party, including my cousins, of course!  Thanks, Mom and Dad for a great birthday party!

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At 5:04 PM PDT, Blogger Lisa R-R said...

I really enjoyed these photos and the party photography instructions. Will try to keep them in mind in future.
Have a great birthday week!

At 5:08 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Thanks for the good wishes, Lisa!


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