Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Knit Parade (and Crochet too)

My Knit Parade top ten for 2013 encompasses knitting and crochet projects.  I crocheted a lot of potholders and washcloths this past year, in addition to sweaters, scarves, mitts, shawls and TONS of chemo caps.  
I am most proud of my yarny friends from the West Hollywood Stitch 'n Bitch, Fairview Knitters and the El Segundo Slipt Stitchers Knitting Guild who donated handmade chemo caps to my cousin Audra's UC San Francisco Fertility Clinic.  Her group harvests eggs for women of childbearing age and freezes them so that they can have biological children post chemotherapy (chemo kills their fertility because it kills the eggs).  Audra's patients all have hair because it’s right before chemo starts. This is the first hat they receive before losing all of their hair.  Audra has a small supply of soft chemo hats that she likes to give to her patients receiving chemo, about 1-2 ladies a week, but her supply is limited. Audra’s patients absolutely LOVE receiving the hats and always get very emotional at the kindness of strangers. Thank you, my friends for donating to this worthy cause.  Here are just some of the beautiful hats that YOU made this year:

We donated over 100 hats in 2013!

I'll be collecting chemo caps for 2014. So, when you see me, give me a cap!!
In addtion to my hat-making, here are some of the projects I enjoyed making during 2013:
Cousin Amie's Doily and Coaster Set

Robbie's Henny Penny Potholder

Beth's Birthday Wristies

Petite Purple Shawlette for Carol's birthday

2013 Potholder Swap

I wear this Granny Cardigan ALL the time!

Owlie for Suzy-ette

The Matthews Twins Baby Cardigans

Brooke's and Deyo's GroovyGhan for their July 4th Wedding

Scour Flower Scrubbie for 2013 Swap.  My own design.
All projects are listed on my Ravelry Project page for details and more info.  
Happy Yarny New Year my friends!! 

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Tongva Park

Santa Monica City Hall
Yesterday, Larry and I decided to take a ride to Santa Monica to see the newish Tongva Park in front of the Santa Monica City Hall.  Everyone else seemed to have a similar idea.  The beach area was slammed with traffic yesterday!  We parked a few blocks away and walked to the Park.  It's beautifully designed.  There are open areas with grass and ecologically diverse plants, play areas for kids, picnic tables and benches and excellent observation areas of the ocean.  Considering this park is on a smallish lot, there are lots of levels, making it seem bigger than it really is.  The park is named for the Tongva People who inhabited the Southern California area before white settlers came here.  The Tongva are also referred to as the Gabrieleño Indians.  Here are a few photos of this lovely park. 

These metal domed shapes represent the domed shape huts of the Tongva People

It was a a beautiful day in Santa Monica.  Get out, enjoy our public parks!
Golden Hour in Santa Monica

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Vintage Photo Friday

Citizen's National Bank aka Crocker Bank, 1930.  LAPL Photo Archive
1930. 453 So. Spring St., LA.  LAPL Photo Archive

Today we visited The Last Bookstore.  It's located in the old Crocker Bank building on Spring Street and 5th, downtown L.A.  Originally called Citizen's National Bank, this nationally registered historic building was built in 1914 and designed by John Parkinson.
Today, the exterior of the building looks almost exactly the same as it did in the early part of the 20th Century.  The inside of the building is another story!  The interior has been gutted.  It's one huge bookstore with various rooms along the exterior walls.  There are separate book sections in the vaults.  On the mezzanine there are many artists studios and smaller shops, including Gather, a Yarn Shop.
Former Crocker Bank, 2013
View from the Mezzanine of The Last Book Store Interior
Many of the architectural details of this historic building are intact
Original tile floor, interior, The Last Bookstore.  Notice the decorative swastika design-work!
It was a balmy afternoon in downtown L.A. today.  Not too much traffic between the holidays.  We were able to find a spot on the street to park.  After book, record and yarn shopping, we walked over to the Nickel Diner for a delicious lunch!  Happy New Year, my friends.

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Xmas Day Brunch

The Brunch Bunch:  Lisa, Rhoda, Roz, Ellen, Audrey and Jeff.  Photo by Mr. Larry
Mom and a few of our friends visited us yesterday for Xmas Day Brunch.  It was a relaxed and fun afternoon.  Thank you, Mom/Roz, Rhoda, Lisa, Audrey and Jeff for making our holiday such fun!  We drank mimosas, giggled, had a yummy deli brunch, giggled some more, opened presents and then we giggled a bit more!  
Jeff, Rhoda, Roz

Rhoda had to stand up to tell her story!
The "Pacino" Wink
Larry gave Ellen NINE vintage VERA scarves!

Thank you to my darling husband, Larry for being such a helpful host!

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Christmas

It's a day for family and friends.  We're expecting a few over to our house in a couple of hours.  Pictures to follow tomorrow!  Hope you have a wonderful day!  Here are a few Vintage Los Angeles photos celebrating the holiday in our beloved City.
1954.  Hollywood.  Photo by Slims Aarons
1940.  Sunset Blvd. @ Sunset Plaza, West Hollywood.  Photo by Herman J. Schultheis

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

In Idyllwild

Snow in the yard of the Idyllwild School
We had a glorious weekend in Idyllwild.  The skies were brilliant blue, there was definitely a chill in the air and ice on the ground.  We dined at some wonderful restaurants, toured around the beautiful pines and attended the Idyllwild Master Chorale Winter Solstice Concert, conducted by my ol' ISOMATA and BHHS friend, Buzz Holmes.  The concert was moving and thrilling.  The musicians and singers were top-rate.  There was also a community art show and reception before the concert.  Idyllwild is a wonderful and warm town.  I can understand why so many people want to move here.

Blurry Photo of Buzz Holmes conducting the Orchestra and Idyllwild Master Chorale

After the concert we stopped at Julie's and Buzz's home for cocktails with some members of the choir and orchestra, along with family and friends.  We ended the evening by having a delicious dinner at Cafe Aroma.  
Cocktails at the Holmes' Home
Julie decked out the house for the holidays!
Judy and Julie

I will post Larry's excellent photos of our weekend to Facebook after the Christmas rush!  Have a wonderful holiday, my friends!

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Palm Springs

On Saturday, Larry and I took off for Palm Springs. We wanted to catch the Richard Diebenkorn show at the PS Art Museum on our way up to Idyllwild.  There wasn't any traffic.  We got to Palm Springs in record time without speeding!  First stop, fish tacos at the Fisherman's Market and Grill.  Next stop, Palm Springs Art Museum.  The Diebenkorn exhibit is marvelous!  There are so many paintings and drawings that I've never seen.  He has always been one of my favorite artists.

After the Museum we walked over to see that humongous statue of Marilyn Monroe, "Forever Marilyn" by Seward Johnson, wearing the famous halter dress, standing over the subway grate from the movie, "Seven Year Itch."  There were tons of people there taking photos of Marilyn's bum.

Last stop, The Shag Store on Palm Canyon.  Artist, Josh Agle aka SHAG has had many of his designs fabricated into useful items such as cocktail napkins, drink coasters, lamps, sculptures, handbags, salt and pepper shakers and MORE.  The store is chock full o' great SHAG items.  I managed to depart with a little cash here.

At around 3pm we headed up the Palms to Pines Highway to Idyllwild.  More about that tomorrow!

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