Wednesday, January 15, 2014


After brunch on Sunday, Audrey directed us to an Instagram Meetup at Venice Beach.  A LOT of people showed up.  The hashtag for this group is #dogtowninstameet.  The organizer was Pete Halvorsen, a photographer and skateboarder.  
Fearless Leader and Photographer, Pete Halvorsen

The sun was shining, there was a slight breeze and the puffy clouds made a perfect backdrop on the Venice Boardwalk for photo taking!  I hadn't actually walked around in Venice in years.  I'd forgotten what a crazy scene it is.  

Photo Scout, Ms. Audrey

Jeff, Audrey and Larry

Audrey led the way down the Boardwalk.  After awhile, we tired of the touristy shops, noise and crowds.  While Larry and Jeff talked at each other, Audrey and I wandered into the side streets to take more photos.  We came upon some very Venice scenes.  
Audrey says that this tricycle has been chained here forever!

Groovy doorway tile work

#ohaas took a photo of us!!  Her caption:  "It ain't an #instameet without some cat-eyed #selfies"

My handle on Instagram is "ellblo."  Audrey is "msguttersnipe."  Follow us!

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