Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Vogue Knitting Live, Pasadena #vkl

Friday was my day at Vogue Knitting Live in Pasadena. I attended a class from 2-5 pm with instructor, Kristy McGowan. The class, "In-Depth Intro to Top-Down Contiguous Sweater Construction" was excellent. I learned quite a bit. Kristy really covered a huge amount of valuable material.
Yarny Stars, Barry Klein, Laura Bryant, Merilynn Burnside/FoxyKnits and the Lady from KOIGU in Canada

Initially, I was registered for Dora Ohrenstein's "Crochet Top-Down Sweater Construction" class. I was disappointed that the people at Vogue decided to cancel most of the crochet classes. Maybe they should have waited longer to see if registration improved.

The Melting Snowman at Mochi-Mochi Land

My friend, Diane and I met up in the Market Place to check out the various booths.  I really enjoyed the yarny art presentations: The Teepee, Ben Cuevas' anatomical knitting and the MochiMochi-Land display! A few of the installations were not up yet. Since Friday was my only day at VKL, I would have appreciated it if the MarketPlace had been fully set up.  Also, many of the fashion shows and workshop booths did not happen on Friday.  One more complaint: The MarketPlace should have opened earlier on Friday, so that people with early classes (9 am-noon) would not have had to wait around for the Market to open at 4pm.

Koigu Gnomes at FoxyKnits

I saw many friends at VKL, people I had not seen in ages. This made for a very fun afternoon.
Clockwise from top left: Lynell, Merilynn, Jackie, Carol, Ellen, Nancy, Marie, Diane

I purchased a few goodies, but did not go overboard. Even though Diane and I left Pasadena at drive-time on Friday night, around 6 pm, our ride home was traffic-free!

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