Wednesday, January 06, 2016

NEW Yarn!

Gifted yarn is so tempting. I have three projects ongoing in the yarny category. However, I want to play with my NEW YARN!
Project #1 is a secret. I hope to finish it soon.
Project #2 was started in early December. I'm crocheting a top-down cardigan in Universal Yarn Classic Shades, Aqua tones. I love this cardi. I'm almost done, just need to add the sleeves!  Ugh! Once I get to the sleeves, my interest lags.

Top-Down Cardigan

Project #3 is a beautiful shawl called "Demelza's Song." My friend, Nancy showed me this pattern and I just HAD to start it right away. I had some beautiful gifted yarn from Beth in a perfect caramel colorway, "Sweet Georgia."

"Demelza's Song" Shawl

The NEW YARN is wonderful!  Natalie gifted me with skeins of Shibui yarn in the most perfect orange color called "Jumpsuit."  Hahahahaha!

Mary Jo travels quite a bit. I'm lucky that she has decided to pick up a few yarny souvenirs for me on her journeys.  She gave me some gray wool from my ancestral homeland, Vilnius. Mary Jo also brought back some perfectly wonderful off-white, natural wool from Finland!

Natural Yarn from Finland, Gray Yarn from Vilnius

I so want to get out my yarn winder and swift and wind these beautiful yarns into pretty cakes and make something with them. That's the next first world problem:  What to crochet and/or knit with these beauties?  I'M TIRED OF CROCHETING BEARDS!
Bearded Lovers

May you all have such difficult problems to solve.  Happy New Year!

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