Tuesday, April 19, 2016

StayCation Week

I'm off work this week, just doing things around home and in the neighborhood. It's spring cleaning time and pre-Passover prep week for me. Yesterday, after annual doctor's appointments, Larry and I FINALLY had lunch at Trejo's Tacos on La Brea. I say FINALLY, because the lines have been down the block for this place since it opened.

Actor, Danny Trejo opened up this taco place in a very remodeled Taco Bell restaurant that had been sitting empty for years. Trejo's is on La Brea Avenue, just south of Olympic. It's just around the curve from another art-directed fast-food place called Top Round. Yes, our little section of La Brea in Mid-City L.A. just got a bit hipper.
Since the opening, Trejo's has had a long line out front. We thought going on a Monday for an early lunch might be a good idea...less of a crowd. We were right. We stood in line for about 10 minutes, ordered our tacos and then found a seat at a long communal table in the shaded patio.
These are not your regular street or truck tacos. Trejo's tacos are served on a larger tortilla than the usual tiny street tacos, so $4 for Trejo's versus $1 or $2 for street tacos is justified. The tacos are packed with meat and fresh veggies. We each had a beef brisket taco. Larry also ordered the braised pork. I tried the fried chicken wrapped in a lettuce leaf instead of a tortilla. Everything was tasty and fresh. 
Brisket Taco and Fried Chicken Taco

There's a body shop across the street with lots of cool cars

Trejo's face is branded EVERYWHERE!

Our tacos were brought to our table by a server. This server came back often to ask if everything was OK and if we needed anything else. The ambiance is good on this steel and wooden patio with canvas umbrellas for shade. It's pleasant sitting on La Brea and watching the traffic whiz by. I like looking at the cool cars in the body shop across the street while eating my tacos. You can't eat ambiance though.
My personal review: The tacos tasted fine, but not supremely delicious to me. I'm glad we have a more upscale place in the neighborhood, but I will not be making special trips for Trejo's tacos. I prefer the taste of Pinche's tacos in East Culver City, Leo's Taco Truck on La Brea or my ultimate favorite, Guisado's in Echo Park (now in West Hollywood). The corn tortillas at Guisado's are legendary! 
Welcome to the neighborhood, Danny! I hope you prosper for a long time at this location. I'm still waiting for Zankou Chicken to take over our local KFC, just down the street!

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At 2:03 PM PDT, Blogger RossK said...

Always look forward to these E&L Staycations.

It's like taking a super-special holiday in Los Angeles with the very best guides possible without even having to get on a plane and/or rent a car.




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