Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Romeo's, Ram's Johnie's, Bernie's

"Bernie's" Coffee Shop, photo courtesy of Hidden L.A.

For about two weeks, historic landmark, Johnie's Coffee Shop on the north/west corner of Wilshire and Fairfax in the Miracle Mile district was transformed into Bernie's Coffee Shop. This was a temporary headquarters for Bernie Sanders' election committee. While the famous Johnie's neon sign is being restored, artists erected a Bernie's sign in it's place. There were also various murals and signs pertaining directly to the candidate. Very clever!
Photo by Hidden L.A.
Photo, KABC News, 2016

This location has an interesting history. In 1955  Louis Armét and Eldon Davis of Armét & Davis designed the building. It was originally called Romeo's Times Square. It became Ram's Coffee Shop in the early 1960's and soon after was named Johnie's. Johnie's was serving coffee and food until 2000. Luckily, this beautiful example of "Googie" architecture has been preserved and was designated as a historic cultural monument in 2013.
Romeo's Times Square, 1955, photo by Jack Laxer
I love the rainbow stripes of Johnie's roof in this photo by Annie Laskey, 1978!
Johnie's Coffee Shop, 1978. Photo by Annie Laskey

The transformation from Johnie's to Bernie's was fun and a clever idea. I look forward to seeing the fully restored Johnie's neon sign soon! I sure wish this was still a functioning coffee shop!

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At 9:21 AM PDT, Blogger mrdowntownla said...

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At 9:21 AM PDT, Blogger mrdowntownla said...

Johnies sould be a Bernie Sanders Presidential Museum and outlet for Bernie Sanders' T-shirts, posters, buttons for the Progressive Revolution. What a landmark it woul*with all the lights replaced with LED. TK


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