Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tee Time

Knit Cancun Boxy Lace Top

Summer!  It's hot in Los Angeles. Time to break out the tee-tops. What do you do when you're a knitter and/or crocheter in the summer? You can't stitch stuff with wool! Even a rayon/wool blend is too hot to wear in this scorching heat. The only solution is to make something in cotton yarn. Regular ol' kitchen cotton is too thick. We must find a thin, light-weight cotton yarn or tape. The only problem with thinner cotton is that it takes too long to knit! If we crochet with thin cotton, this is fine, but the fabric is usually too transparent and holey and one must wear a camisole or tank underneath the tee-top. Then you're wearing TWO tops! This defeats the purpose of a cool top!
Crochet Tribe Tee

So, do I want to wear two tops OR do I want to wear one top during this heatwave?  ONE TOP!! This means I'd either have to crochet a tight or linked stitch or knit a top. I recently signed up for a Tunisian crochet workshop in July. I've been practicing the basic Tunisian stitch.  I like it! It's fast, like crochet AND it creates a solid fabric like knitting. I might experiment with some cotton yarn in my stash. Here's a really cute Tunisian shell pattern by Robyn Chachula:
Tunisian Crochet Vanessa Shell

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