Friday, September 16, 2016


"Autumn Maple Leaves," photo by Anna Hergert

There is a very slight chill in the air. What? Could this be the start of autumn? It was actually kinda' cool this morning in Los Angeles, 65 degrees. However, the weather warmed up by noon to about 77 degrees on the Westside of L.A. This weekend, it's supposed to be up in the 80's and 90's again. I'm hoping that this will not be true. I'm so ready for fall!
There are a few Fall Festivals around the Los Angeles area. One that comes to mind is at The Original Farmers Market, 3rd and Fairfax. The Market staff loads in some bales of hay, pumpkins and some goats for the festivities. The whole Market is usually decorated in fall colors with fake leaves on the umbrellas. Sometimes an old-timey band is featured. We're really not known in Los Angeles for a big change in weather during autumn. Sigh.
Apparently, in the past, various philanthropic groups celebrated fall by holding fashion shows. Behold:
1958, Valley Times Collection. Photo by William Wide
The photo caption dated November 4, 1958 reads, "Fanciful arrangements displayed by, (L-R) Mmes. Lawrence Samuels, Harold Feinberg and Morley Gordon will grace tables at fall fashion luncheon of Encino B'nai B'rith Women, planned at the Sportsmen's Lodge."

It seems that the Sportsmen's Lodge was THE place to hold fashion shows for Jews and Catholics, alike! Check out this photo:
1961, Valley Times Collection.
The photo caption dated November 4, 1961 reads, "Mrs. Robert Knippel, President of Our Lady of Grace Altar and Rosary Society, and Mrs. Ray Whittaker display a poster describing the group's fashion show luncheon to be held November 11th at the Sportsmen's Lodge. Proceeds will benefit the church's building fund."

Have a wonderful weekend and get ready for autumn!

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