Thursday, September 01, 2016

Plans for the Long Weekend

We have a few plans for the nice, long Labor Day Weekend.
Saturday, I'm looking forward to seeing Carla, visiting from Houston. We will convene at Natalie's for brunch.
OMG! Carla is here!

In the afternoon, I hope to zip down to Santa Monica to meet up with the Yarnies for a bit of stitchin' and bitchin'.
Santa Monica Yarnies at The Coffee Bean

Dinner on Saturday night with Audrey and Jeff.  We're not sure where yet, but somewhere quiet, where the decibel level is low so our old ears can hear each other talk!
Jeff, Audrey and Larry

Breakfast with Mom and Larry on Sunday morning, as usual. Probably at The Nosh.
Breakfast at The Nosh, Beverly Hills

Monday is Labor Day. After lolling about the house, I'm expecting the "committee" to come over in the afternoon so we can sort the hundreds of dishcloths sent in for the 2016 Annual Dishcloth Swap! Really, this is the highlight of the weekend for me. I LOVE seeing all those beautiful knitted and crocheted cloths spread out all over the dining room table, buffet, card tables, etc.
Last Year's Dishcloth Swap

Yeah, it's a full weekend!

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