Friday, September 09, 2016

Showroom EVENT

Bauer Pottery Showroom, Atwater, CA

Once a month the Bauer Pottery Showroom in Atwater opens it's doors to the public. I first discovered this showroom, filled with lower priced seconds of Bauer and Russell Wright reproduction pottery, about 10 years ago. This neighborhood has long been an area where pottery was available. Across the street from the Tam O'Shanter Restaurant on the other side of Atwater, was the Franciscan Pottery Factory. This plot of land now houses a huge shopping mall, full of big-box stores and chain restaurants. Sigh. 
Pottery has always been one of my passions. I even tried my hand at spinning pots during my high school and early college years as a student at Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts. This was the era of rustic-looking pottery with earthen glazes. I prefer the bright colors of factory pottery.
Ellen, in her pottery coveralls. Idyllwild, 1970.

Walking into the Bauer Pottery Showroom is a shock to the senses. Outside is a dirt and gravel driveway leading to a tin warehouse. Everything is gray and beige. Once you enter the warehouse, it's like coming upon the Emerald City of Oz! The bright and beautiful pottery glazes just knock you out!
Inside the Bauer Pottery Showroom

I have more pottery pieces than I could ever use, but my attraction to this shiny stuff is one of my greatest addictions.
This weekend is the Bauer Pottery Showroom Event, 10am - 5pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I may have to pop over there on Sunday for a shot of color therapy. It is almost holiday shopping time. I could always purchase a few gifts for others...(yeah, right).

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