Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Humble Dishcloth aka "Spa" Cloth

Current Spa Cloth Obsession. Diagonal Crochet Stitch, 100% cotton, Size 4.25 Hook

I have a few yarny projects in progress right now. I'm not inspired by any of them. This happens often. I'm all excited about some new yarn and start a project. Then, I come to a stand-still with the project. Maybe the yarn is not working for the pattern. Maybe the stitch pattern is monotonous. Maybe I don't have time to actually pay attention to a challenging pattern. There are many reasons to take a break. 
I pause by crocheting or knitting up a few washcloths. I've been referring to these cloths as SPA cloths. Sounds fancier. I usually pair a cloth with some fragrant soap and give it as a little gift. Really, it's all about the label accompanying the cloth:
This sounds FANCY!

I depleted my collection of spa cloths during the holiday gift-giving season. Time to replenish!
Next up, I may crochet some "heart" cloths for the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday!

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