Monday, August 21, 2017

Finally! A positive group event

HBO Staff experiences the #eclipse2017

Yes, everyone can agree that the total solar eclipse this morning was a unifying event. Here at my HBO office in Santa Monica, people brought moon-shaped food to share, extra eclipse glasses and a positive mood! We had a grand time for about an hour. Our office quadrant faces north/east and the fifth floor balcony right outside. It was the perfect viewing point to see the eclipse. 
Jen and David

Thai and Gena, viewing the eclipse old-school!
There were co-workers I hadn't see in YEARS descending on the fifth floor balcony! Lots of new people too! 
Ron and Mark

One of my co-workers managed to take a photo on his iPhone, through the eclipse glasses!  Very cool.
Eclipse photo by David Coupland
Thanks Gena and Lisa for bringing moon-shaped food!
If I had really planned ahead, I would have crocheted something appropriate to commemorate the eclipse event. 
Eclipse Beverage Coasters!
Penny crocheted a "sun" hat with a moveable moon eclipse!

Thank you, heavens above, for bringing us an event we can ALL rally around!

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