Monday, February 05, 2018

Skein Enable

Saturday I was honored to be a guest on the Skein Enable Podcast. The host of the podcast, Jill is a skilled fiber artist. Jill and I have been in various stitch 'n bitch groups and have known each other for years. We planned to record the podcast on Saturday afternoon, before our scheduled meet-up with the Ocean Park Fiber Artists.
Ellen and Jill. There's the Pacific Ocean behind us!

Jill lives in Santa Monica just a few blocks from the beach. We could see the Pacific Ocean from her dining room studio! Since the day was sunny and warm, this made parking difficult, but that's the price you pay for living at the beach!
We launched right into the projects we recently finished. I talked about the Belle Epoque Shawl and the Virus Shawl. Jill showed off the Hammerhead Shark Baby Booties she'd recently completed and her Zweig pullover.
We shifted into many different conversations about knitting and crocheting in one garment, items that we want to crochet and/or knit and more. Of course, I tried to steer the subject to ukuleles! I talked a bit about the strap "cozy" that I crocheted.
Crocheted Ukulele Strap
It was a very nice, rambling conversation, including books, paintings on velvet, TV shows and movies, but always turning back to our favorite subject, YARN. Thanks, Jill for a fun afternoon!
LISTEN to the podcast and join the Ravelry group when you have a chance!

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