Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Easter 2018

Updated Landscaping at Chez Prescott-Tierney

Every year we're honored to be invited to Carol's and Thane's Annual Orphan's Easter Celebration. The Orphan's Easter is for folks who have no where else to go on Easter. Being Jewish, I never have anywhere to go on Easter! Carol and Thane are the most gracious hosts. They provide tons of wine, beverages, appetizers and a scrumptious dinner. In addition, everyone usually brings something yummy to share. It really is a food extravaganza! It's always fun seeing old friends. It's quite a congenial group!
Stephanie, Melinda and Carol
The abundance of adult beverages adds to the fun!
Kate, Julie and Ellen
People that we've met at Carol's and Thane's home have become our friends too! After an extensive cocktail hour, the barbecuing began in earnest. Thane barbecued lamb, chicken, shrimp and asparagus, assisted by the lovely Elena.
Elena assists Thane at the BBQ as Melinda and Carol observe

The buffet was awesome. Everyone contributed amazing food!

Grilled asparagus, grilled shrimp, sweet potato fritters, deviled eggs
Kale salad, pesto potato salad, orzo salad, fruit compote
My plate over-floweth!

The desserts were so unbelievably amazing, that I was too shocked to even take photos! I did manage to get a photo of this gorgeous carrot cake from Vanilla Bake Shop.

We also had chocolate cake with fresh strawberry jam, gooey butter cake with chocolate chips (my favorite St. Louis treat. Thank you, Julie), fresh fruit with whipped cream, macaroons, cheesecake stuffed strawberries, butterscotch bars and more! 

Carol's roses are gorgeous this Easter
Yes, once again,, it was a warm and wonderful gathering. Thank you so much Carol and Thane for your tasteful hospitality!
Photo by Kate Mytron

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