Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Blue Monday

1626 So. La Brea Avenue, Mid-City, Los Angeles

Over the weekend, we had high hopes that the Dodgers would be traveling to Boston for the last few games of the 2018 World Series. No such luck. By Sunday, it was over for the Blue Crew. HOWEVER, we still had a spark of hope on Sunday morning, so we drove over to the "Dodger House" on La Brea Avenue, Mid-City Los Angeles.
Artist Hector "Tetris" Arias and his crew of graffiti artists painted a tri-plex for our beloved team. The house had been sold and was scheduled to be torn down within the next few weeks. The real estate development company that purchased the lot for future apartments hired Hector and his crew for the job. They even painted the L.A. Dodgers logo on the roof so it could be seen from the sky!
Photo by Stu Mundel, KCBS Eye in the Sky Reporter
Lots of people were swarming all over the outside of the house, including into the backyard where remnants of paint cans and rags were stashed. One of the painters arrived with extra lights to place on the front lawn so that the house could be seen better at night from passers-by.

It's quite a site to see. Drive by if you have a chance in the next few weeks. It reminds me of the PINK HOUSE from last year. I miss the pink house.

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