Monday, October 15, 2018

LetterPress Chocolate

LetterPress Chocolate, 2385 So. Robertson Blvd., Beverlywood

Recently, I read about LetterPress Chocolate. I was intrigued. I was even more enthusiastic when I read that this little factory/store was next door to one of my neighborhood bakeries, Fred's on South Robertson Boulevard. I had a little extra time on Saturday, so I stopped by.
This is a small shop with the artisan chocolate factory in the back. There are displays of their "bean to bar" chocolate bars, a few tables and a refrigerator with some beverages. 
The Chocolate Kitchen

You can read the story of their operation through photos on the wall. They have letter press wooden letters on the walls as decoration. It's a pleasing environment. Their chocolate is sold at many shops in Los Angeles, but why not come to the source? Easy street parking!
The lady working at the counter was very kind and explained about their chocolate and even gave me some samples to taste! I could definitely taste the difference between the various chocolates.
Chocolate Samples
All of the chocolate is dark and the beans are sourced from different parts of the world. If you're used to wolfing down a Hershey bar, this chocolate is not for you. I'd compare it to fine wine or fancy coffee beans. The bars are expensive, at least $10 each, but you only need a tiny taste to be satisfied. I picked up a few bars for gifts and one to share with my knit friends at my next stop, The Ocean Park Fiber Artists in Santa Monica. Everyone loved the chocolate!

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