Friday, January 11, 2019

Burgundy Willow Coat

Burgundy Willow

Over holiday vacation I finished a crocheted coat. I made most of this piece right after I finished my GG Cardigan last year, but I never crocheted the sleeves, edging or pockets. I was determined to complete this so I could wear it during the cold weather we're having right now. I didn't realize until I finished and tried it on that the coat was so long. I should have tested it and taken off a row of squares. Oh well! I like it and it's nice and cozy!
The GG Cardigan!

I used a size "H" crochet hook and Cascade 220 wool. Instead of crocheting basic granny squares for this coat I used the Willow Square pattern. It's a favorite of mine and looks fancy, especially in a solid color.
"Sam, You Made The Pants Too Long"

The sleeves are crocheted using double crochet stitches in the back loop. I decreased 2 stitches every row, under the arm until I got the desired circumference. After adding the border and collar, I found some burgundy buttons. I wanted an all-one look, no contrast. The buttons are just right.
Willow Square
I hope to finish up a few more projects started in 2018! What are you working on?

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At 10:56 PM PST, Blogger blandina said...

An absolute beauty, well done!


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