Monday, January 06, 2020


2116 Castle Heights Avenue, Los Angeles, 1952

When I was born, we lived in a house that my Dad designed in Beverlywood, an area south of Beverly Hills, in Los Angeles. I don't remember the house because we moved to nearby Beverly Hills when I was two years old. However, the house is still there and I drive by it often. It still looks great and very much the same, except the landscaping is very lush now.
Kenny and George Bloom, playing cowboy. Beverlywood, 1952
Beverlywood is a very nice area of Los Angeles. There are schools, stores, restaurants, markets and bakeries nearby. Many of the post-WW II homes have been replaced by larger homes. The area has become quite expensive, so new residents want to maximize the capacity of their lots. I do miss the ranch-type smaller homes of my youth that made the neighborhood cohesive. I've lived my entire life on the edges of this neighborhood, so I feel very at home here. Which area of Los Angeles is "home" to you?
2116 Castle Heights Avenue today. The exterior of the house is the same, only the landscaping has grown!

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