Monday, August 28, 2006


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The Mid-Century Tiki Safari Inn, Burbank
I didn't have anything planned this weekend. I could have gone to the Sunset Junction to see some of my fave bands playing, but it was just too hot to stand in the broiling sun in the middle of Sunset Bouevard. Last weekend, while I was at the Michael's in Burbank, I wished that I'd had more time to explore the various other stores in this faboo big box mall. On my side of the hill, we just don't have these large clusters of chain stores in one area. We usually have to drive all over the place and park and re-park to visit the chain stores. There is something to be said for the suburbs. Yes, they all look alike and it's difficult to find your friend's beige house among all the other beige houses but, there are so many large plots of land out there in the 'burbs, that developers can put all of the chain stores conveniently surrounding the same parking lot. One-stop shopping, at it's finest. Early Saturday morning I drove over to Burbank. I passed the Safari Motor Inn on the way and took photos of this historic mid-century modern tiki motel.
I visited Marshall's, Shoe Pavillion, Target and Michael's at the Burbank Empire Center. Of course, I picked up a few goodies. The land where this shopping center is located used to be Lockheed Aircraft. The design of this outdoor center is very industrial...corrugated metal and concrete blocks. Large metal frames are used for signage, with rivets and aluminum trimming for the buildings. And, of course model airplanes fly above the center. I suppose if a new development is built on top of a historic site, that this is as good a rendition as any could be. Needless to say, I was carrying too many bags and drunk with shopping to even think about photographing this great big box mall.
It was almost lunchtime when I was done shopping. I considered doing the mall thing and going to the Olive Garden for lunch, but then I realized I was a quick freeway trip to downtown L.A.
I zipped downtown and went to Philippe's the Original French Dip for lunch. I've written about Philippe's extensively. The food is really good. Just as I was finishing my yummy French dip sandwich, none other than my favorite Hist-o-tainer, Charles Phoenix along with his buddy, Paul sat down at the table next to me. Paul Reubens is better known as Pee-Wee Herman. I took a stalker-azzi photo of Charles and Paul eating lunch with The Leonards. The Leonards are two guys named Leonard that just plopped themselves down next to Paul & Charles and proceeded to tell Paul how much they idolized him. Paul was very polite and spoke to The Leonards about their idolization issues. By the way, Paul, after reading your bio on IMDB, I see that yesterday was your b-day! Hope it was great. Charles introduced me to Paul. I told him I'd enjoyed his work and I left. It was only 1pm. I was thinking that I could just make it to the Music Center, a few blocks away, and maybe score a "rush" ticket to a matinee.

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Paul, Charles and The Leonards
chowin' down @ Philippe's
Luck was with me. I was able to buy a $20 ticket to see "Curtains" at the Ahmanson Theater. My seat was originally priced at $75! This is an excellent way to see some marvelous plays at the Music Center for a reduced price. Of course, you take your chances on whether or not there are "rush" tickets available. "Curtains," starring David Hyde Pierce (among others) was very enjoyable. I knew it was the type of play / musical that Mr. Larry wouldn't be interested in seeing, so I didn't feel guilty about going without him. The matinee let out at about 4:30.

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Scene from "Curtains" at the Ahmanson Theater
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Music Center Plaza
Later that evening, Larry and I had a shrimp dinner at the Rodeo Mexican Grill on Olympic Blvd., just west of downtown L..A. There's a branch of this restaurant in Echo Park on Sunset Blvd., but this is by far the more modern and comfortable of the restaurants. It's easy to park and they serve cocktails! All in all, it was a productive and fun day. Sunday was Emmy day....mucho TV watching and lolling about on the couch knitting and crocheting!



At 4:35 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said... always do such interesting things! Sounds like you had a fun Saturday.


At 7:30 AM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...


How come whenever I go to Philippe's I never see someone as awesome as Paul Reubens?! SO ENVIOUS! ;)

If I had anything to do with it, I'd make you the feature in the L.A. Times Calendar Weekend's "My Favorite Weekend" write-up. You're the best! :)

At 10:23 AM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Thanks, Catherine....So nice of you to mention my L.A. travel picks! I wouldn't be very good in the "nightlife" department, however! I've kind of lost touch with the rock scene here in L.A. I'm too busy knitting and crocheting!!!!

At 11:12 AM PDT, Blogger Laurie Ann said...

I love the Empire Center. It's like one-stop shopping with Target, Shoe Pavilion, Payless, Linens'n'Things, Michaels, Catherines, Great Indoors, etc, etc. Not to mention the restaurants and the proximity to Ikea.

At 11:14 AM PDT, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Dude. I'm exhausted just reading about your adventures! And I thought I was ambitious by hitting a 'burban yarn store. Sigh. Well, baby steps.


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