Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Seen Near 7th & Alvarado, L.A.

Last week, Larry and I had a delicious pastrami sandwich at Langer's Deli, near MacArthur Park.  Instead of taking yet another photo of our yummy food and the interior of the deli, I snapped a few shots outside and in nearby shop windows.
Building Detail

Beer Can Man

While we were eating our sandwich, I saw this woman march to the back of the restaurant.  After awhile, she emerged and walked to the front with an unmistakeable gait.  I assume she visited the ladies room.  When she passed by our booth, I looked into her eyes and grinned.  She winked at me.  I recognized PAM GRIER!  You cannot miss her distinctive walk, plus she's gorgeous.  Check out the Pam Grier "walk" at about 1:44 in this video.   Once we were outside, we crossed the street and looked back at Langer's.  There was a line outside to gain entry.  Pam was in the line, reading a magazine.  I kinneared  this faraway shot of her.  What a star!  I love that she was waiting in line at Langer's for lunch!
Pam Grier, waiting in line at Langer's Deli

It was a memorable afternoon with lots of interesting sights!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Totes Adorbs!

It takes very little to make me happy:  A pretty color yarn, a good hair day, a new Trader Joe's tote bag!!!!

I was very excited when I received a regional TJ's bag from my friend, Carla in Texas.  It seems TJ's has issued a few more state bags.  I have the Southern California bag.  My friend Shayne is visiting her brother in Northern California and picked me up a NoCal bag.
Southern California
Northern California

I did a mini-search online and have found out that there are totes for various locations:  New York, Florida, Illinois, Georgia, Massachusetts, Arizona and probably more.  I hear that a New Mexico bag is on it's way.  Sorry for the poor photo quality of the other bags, I had to swipe them from the net.

But wait, I found this bag online too!!!!  Oh no, I cannot handle the excitement.  Trader Joe's has issued a USC tote bag too?  Where can I get one?

Fight On!

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Monday, July 21, 2014

A Sunday Birthday

Ray's at L.A. County Museum of Art

Yesterday was my happy birthday.  I'd done a bit of celebrating the week leading up to my birthday and expect to enjoy a few more lunches and dinners with friends in the weeks to follow.  So, yesterday was a leisurely and enjoyable day for the two of us.
Larry took me to lunch at Ray's at LACMA.  The food is yummy.  I like the open air ambiance of this place too.  You really feel part of the museum crowd dining, al fresco, at Ray's.  I ordered a delicious pizza....extra thin crust.  Yum.  Larry had the decadent French toast with pecans and cream, drenched in something terribly sweet.  It was almost like a bread pudding!  Yum.

Your silverware and napkin are in a drawer under the table!

Calabrian Pizza

Really rich French toast!

After brunch we toured the "Van Gogh to Kandinsky" exhibit.  Wow!  What an extensive display!  The exhibit went on for rooms and rooms.  The Expressionist period of art in Europe happens to be one of my favorites.  We stayed for quite a long time.  There were some very rare paintings that I'd never seen, even in books or magazines.

We did a quick run-through of the Calder exhibit.  I'd seen it, but Larry had not.  Then we moved over to another building to view the John Altoon show.  We sauntered into Abbot Kinney and the Story of Venice.  The historic photographs were wonderful.  A mural of Abbot Kinney, from the Venice Post Office was displayed.  He was a visionary.
Abbot Kinney of Venice, California mural

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing.  It was a peaceful and lovely birthday celebration.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Vintage Photo Friday - Apes

Photo by Dennis Stock, 1968.  During the filming of "Planet of the Apes," Los Angeles

I see Lytel's Coffee Shop in the background, so I know this must be the corner of Sepulveda and Washington on the edge of Culver City.  That appears to be the character, Cornelius, played by Roddy McDowall, sitting on a bus bench, in full Apes make-up.  There's also a big donut in the background. Maybe this is another location?  Help!  I know it's Los Angeles.  LOVE seeing the apes in my Los Angeles.
Speaking of apes, yesterday, Larry and I visited Creature Features in Burbank to view the show, "Art of the Apes."  We LOVED the art and the shop.  This place is a must-see for sci-fi fans.  

A few of our friends had art exhibited and for sale.  We loved Shag's piece.  The painting depicting Charleton Heston as lead singer in a rock band is epic.  

painting by SHAG

My most fave pieces are those of artist, Lili Chin called "Red Apes Ballet."  I purchased a print of the largest piece.
"Red Ape Ballet" by Lili Chin
by Artist, Lili Chin

Lili is so talented.  When I look at Lili's pieces, I'm reminded of my other favorite movie, "West Side Story."  I can just hear the apes singing and leaping into the air, "When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way...."
Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Yarny Inspirations

My stay-cation week is wonderful.  I've had time to crochet, meet friends for lunch, go to museum exhibits and more.
I've been perusing Ravelry for new patterns and found some good ones:
I've just finished my dishcloths for the Annual Discloth Swap.  Check out this adorable Daisy in a Heart cloth!  This could make an excellent pillow or garland too!
Daisy Center Granny Heart
Bombshell Betty Hat

Ballet-Neck Tee
Many of us have been obsessed with the Ballet-Neck Tee, above.  A few ladies at The Knitting Tree have crocheted this darling top.  I just LOVE the pattern with those zig-zags and the self-stripping yarn.  I've started this top, using Noro Taiyo Sock Yarn.  I'm making this as a vertical stripe instead of a horizontal stripe.  I'll probably add longer sleeves too.  So far, I like how this is turning out!

Ellen's Ballet-Neck Tee

Today is museum and art gallery day!  Later, friends.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Life is a Carnival!

Large Combo Appetizer Plate

Today I met my long-time friend, Shayne for lunch at Carnival Restaurant. This is a Middle Eastern restaurant in Sherman Oaks.  Shayne lives in New Mexico, but visits L.A. often.  Whenever we have the time, we meet at Carnival for lunch or dinner.  We LOVE the food here!
Shayne and I have known each other since high school.  We lost touch for a bit during the 80's, but we reconnected in 1990 and have been bf's ever since.  There's nothing like having friends who have known you forever!  What's that song, "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold."  How true.

Carnival is in a strip mall on Woodman Ave., north of Ventura Blvd.

Innernets grab-shot of interior

We have been to Carnival for dinner.  The portions are HUGE.  The chicken is great, so is the lamb.  For me, the felafel, hummus and baba ganoush are outstanding.  The appetizer plate comes with warm pita bread and a refreshing parsley and tomato salad.  Yum!
Shayne and I had lots of catching up to do.  After comparing crochet and knit notes, Shayne presented me with the BEST birthday gift EVER!  Shayne is a fantastic cook and bakes the yummiest mandelbread.  She brought a big bag of her delicious home-made mandel for me.  Yum!  Shayne suggested I freeze some of it for later, but I don't think it's going to last that long at our house!
Ellen's Mandel!
After our delightful lunch I had to get outta that hot v-v-v-valley!  I zoomed back over the hill to Culver City and went on a search for a small amount of yarn to finish off the sleeves of my BoHo Blocks tee shirt sweater.
Annette at The Knitting Tree found the perfect yarn.  Beth gave me the most beautiful yarn, Sanguine Gryphon, a few years ago for my birthday.  I didn't have quite enough for a cardigan, so I made a t-shirt style top, adding some Debbie Bliss Rialto in the back and sleeves.  I wanted the sleeves a bit longer.  This beautiful Koigu should do the trick.  After I finish the sleeves, I'm going to add some Koigu flowers to the neckline to tie the whole piece together.

It's been a perfect stay-cation day.  Soon, we're off to dinner with friends at the H.M.S. Bounty in the Mid-Wilshire section of L.A.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Magic Kingdom of Pottery

On Sunday Beth and I took a ride to Atwater to visit the Bauer Factory Showroom.  Once a month, the showroom has a seconds sale of Bauer and Russel Wright pottery.  The seconds look almost perfect.  There may be some glaze imperfections or some colors are less popular at retail shops than others. I have a few vintage pieces and many new pieces of this colorful pottery.  
The warehouse is located in an alley off San Fernando Road, at the border of Los Angeles (Atwater) and Glendale.  The warehouse is a gray metal building, very ramshackle.  Once you walk through the front door you're assaulted with color and vibrance.  It's quite a shock at first to go from a grim alley to all of this gorgeousness!
Beth and I managed to find a few lovely pieces for our collections.

 It is impossible to snap a bad picture of this colorful pottery!

After our pottery extravaganza, we cooled off with lunch at the Village Bakery and Cafe in Atwater.  Yum!  Thanks for coming with me, Beth.  Enjoy your beautiful new pottery!

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Ocean Park in Echo Park

Friday night found us in Echo Park at this quaint little bookstore and coffee house for a book signing. Our friend, Dominic Priore co-authored a book on the history of Pacific Ocean Park.  Yes, Larry and I both attended this beachside amusement park as children.  POP was only in existence for about 10 years.  During it's hey-day, it was Neptune-eriffic!  Buy the book!  It's chock full o' photos and great stories.

Domenic Priore 
Sven Kirsten's new tiki book will be released soon!
King Kukulele was with his pretty daughters
Paul Body is EVERYWHERE!
Becky and Kieran

After the slide show and reading, a band played songs from the '50's and '60's and we schmoozed a bit with our friends.  It was a delightful evening on this active stretch of Sunset Boulevard.

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