Thursday, October 30, 2014

Stitch 'n Witch Spooktacular Tonight!

Fall Festival Decorations are up at the Original Farmers Market!

Ooooo...I've been working on my WeHo Stitch 'n Witch costume for tonight and I'm finally ready!  We will be meeting in the upstairs dining area of the Original Farmers Market, 3rd and Fairfax, LA.  Participants are urged to bring treats.   Most of us dress up!   This year’s Halloween theme is Television Characters from 1949 to the present.  This is a huge theme with decades of fantastic television programming to choose from for an amazing costume.  There is a Costume Contest with PRIZES!  The Costume Contest will have three categories:  Best TV Character, Most Original Overall Costume, Best Use of Yarn.
Every year we have a different theme.  Here are a few of our costumes from past years.  Hey!  We're also still celebrating the 10th anniversary of the WeHo SnB!!!  Wow!
Clockwise from Top Left: (various years) - Ellen &Brenda, Denise, Sara, Vivian &Richard, Ellen & Natalie, Sara, Bridget, Natalie, Brenda

Clockwise from Top Left: (various years) - Ellen, Larry & Natalie, Denise, Suzette, Ellen, Diane, Bridget, Laurie-Ann, Barbara

2006 was a banner year for originality.  One of my favorite costumes was the year I came as the Red Heart Queen of Crochet.  Classic.
I also LOVED Natalie's Punk Poodle!  What a great wig-hat!
I look forward to the clever treats almost as much as everyone's costumes!  

Witch Finger Cookies
See you tonight!  "Meet Me At Third and Fairfax."

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

LAC - Garden Apartments Tour

The Village Green, Baldwin Hills, Los Angeles, CA
This coming Saturday, November 1st, Los Angeles Conservancy is holding their fall tour entitled "We Heart Garden Apartments."  Tickets are still available!  This is going to be such an interesting tour depicting garden living in Los Angeles from the 1940s to the present.  We will be visiting The Village Green (1941), Chase Knolls (1948) and Lincoln Place (1951).  
Lincoln Place, Venice, CA

I have visited all three complexes in the past and love the green spaces and feeling of community in these beautiful developments.  The architecture for all three is very similar.  We will be touring the gardens of each complex as well as the interior of one apartment in each location.  Before the tour starts, there will be an opening session at the Wilshire Ebell Theater which will include a brief overview of garden apartments, the premier of a short film about these apartments, and a summary of the L.A. Conservancy's work to preserve them.  There is a marvelous movie online documenting Baldwin Village (aka Village Green) from 1942 through 1950.  Be sure to watch the extra footage at the end showing old apartments in Hollywood and how inconvenient they are to live in compared to the modern planning of the beautiful Baldwin Village!
I have many friends living at The Village Green in Baldwin Hills, bordering on Culver City.  I've attended dinners and parties in this bucolic setting.  Every time I visit Village Green, I think about how nice it would be to live there.  Maybe, one day...
Chase Knolls, Sherman Oaks, CA

Some of the apartments are large, most are on the small side, but designed beautifully to maximize all of the space...perfect for retirement living. The most wonderful part about living in any of these garden complexes are the GARDENS, of course.  I'll be interested to hear how these three complexes are dealing with Southern California's drought.

Clubhouse at Village Green

 See you on Saturday with my sun hat and walking shoes!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014


The selection of frames is unending!

I tried to resist, but I just could not hold myself back!  After hitting a book signing and art show on Melrose Friday night we sidled down the block to the L.A. Eyeworks eyeglass frames sale.  Really, I have more than enough eyeglass frames in my possession.  About four of my frames have my current prescription.  I should have some of my older frames upgraded so I can see through them.  However, I felt that I "needed" a new pair of black frames in my collection.  I already have a few pairs of black glasses, but none of them are REALLY comfortable to wear all day.  I was on the search for a pair of GRANDMA GLASSES!

NOT my grandma, but I LOVE those glasses!

Larry assisted me in trying on glasses.  He's an expert.  Besides being an art school graduate, he has an excellent sense of proportion and has been wearing glasses himself since he was a child.  He knows all about bridge width, temple size, etc.

4-Eyed Larry, around 7 years of age

I tried on a number of black, silver and marbled frames.

We were at L.A. Eyeworks around dinnertime....the best time to shop.  There were plenty of people to help!

I found my PERFECT pair of Grandma Glasses after looking at everything.  Sunday, I took them to the optician to have the glasses made.  Hopefully, I'll be able to show you my selection next week!
Co-Owner, Gai Gherardi, behind the counter

See the "Googly Eyes" on the roof?

L.A. Eyeworks likes to make artistic statements, inside and out!

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Beautiful Book

I need to own this book! This image is from the Campesena Series Tapestries by Evelyn Ackerman, 1971

Friday night, we were lucky enough to find a parking spot on Smelrose Avenue, right across the street from Reform Gallery.  The gallery was packed and people were spilling out onto the sidewalk.  The occasion:  A book signing and exhibit of the works of Evelyn and Jerome Ackerman.  The name of the book is "Hand-In-Hand: Ceramics, Mosaics, Tapestries and Woodcarvings by the California Mid-Century Designers Evelyn and Jerome Ackerman" by Dan Chavkin and Lisa Thackaberry.  Evelyn passed away in 2012, but Jerome was there, smiling and signing books.
Jerome Ackerman, seated @Reform Gallery

We ran into many friends at the gallery, but it was sooo crowded that we really could not get our hands on a copy of the book, let alone purchase one.  We must make a return trip.
There were tapestries on the walls by Evelyn Ackerman, for sale!  This store is just chock full o' fantastic decorative items and furniture from the mid-century era in America.
Tapestries for sale designed by Evelyn Ackerman

Wood carving by Jerome Ackerman

Evelyn and Jerome Ackerman in 2012 at CAFAM opening exhibit
The Ackermans in 1949

I've always loved Evelyn's whimsical artwork.  In 2012 The Craft and Folk Art Museum held a retrospective of the Ackerman's work.  The exhibit was quite extensive.  I wrote about it HERE, where you can view more examples of their fine work.
Oh Larry, hint hint...this book would make a lovely holiday gift for your wife.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Vintage Photo Friday with My 4-Eyed Friends

This is it.  The big weekend.  L.A. Eyeworks is holding it's annual sale.  Larry and I have been going to this sale for at least 10 years, since the advent of digital photography.  It's most convenient to have a digi-camera or phone with you at these sales.  There's always a mad rush for mirror space to see yourself in possible frames.  However, when I look in the mirror I usually cannot see what I look like, because I NEED my real glasses to see!  Argh!  Larry takes a digi-pic of me in the new frames.  Then, I can put my prescription eyeglasses back on and view the photo to see if I like how I look.  We come away with lots of crazy photos.  Larry  has even helped strangers in the store by taking pix of them.  We've made many new friends this way.
2010 with Owner Gai, Ron (RIP) and Tetsuji

I own sooooo many eyeglass frames, that I really should NOT go to the sale and be tempted.  We'll see if I can sit out the weekend.
In accordance with the "rules" of Vintage Photo Friday, here are a few pix from some years ago, trying on eyeglass frames. 
2009.  Trying to go green.  Nope.

2009.  Natalie and Joe look like movie stars!

Last year's frames are very popular.  2013.  Ellen and Ruth.

1978.  Mr. Larry is Mr. Eyeglass

2005.  Waiting in the hot October sun to get inside.

2009.  Ellen and Natalie of Hollywood
If I do pop over to the sale this weekend, it will be spur o' the moment, probably close to dinner time to avoid the crowds.  The L.A. Eyeworks staff keeps bringing boxes and boxes of frames from the back room all weekend long.  

I want to look like a movie star too!

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Throw Back Thursday

Yeah, this is a thing.  Throw Back Thursday.  Better known as #tbt.  Here's a definition from the innernets: 
Throwback Thursday is the name of a weekly social media posting theme that users participate in as part of a very general "throwback" activity for posting content. In this case, the "throwback" theme can pertain to basically anything that happened in the past.
On Thursdays, anyone can participate in the Throwback Thursday trend by posting content (usually a photo) on social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to remember a past event. Photos can be from years ago or from just a few days ago. There aren't really any limitations, and even though it can be fun to participate, it really just gives people an excuse to post more.
Westwood, 1974

OK.  So, here's my excuse to post today.  This is a photo from Summer, 1974, taken at the home of Muriel and Gerald Blankfort, dear friends of our family. This was just before my FIRST wedding. Muriel hosted a bridal shower and luncheon for me at their home in Westwood.  It was a recipe shower.  Each guest gave me their favorite recipe along with the proper kitchen items to cook the recipe.  To my delight, I received loads of Pyrex casserole dishes, most I'm still using today!
I still wear that kerchief and various pieces of jewelry.  The pantsuit is long gone.  I wish my hair still had all that wavy body, curl and thickness!  Ahhh...the Farrah-Hair years. #tbt

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Think Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Every month should be BCAM.  From the website:  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. While most people are aware of breast cancer, many forget to take the steps to have a plan to detect the disease in its early stages and encourage others to do the same.
One of my yarny friends posted a picture of this scarf she crocheted. Lenora inspired me to crochet my own scarf. The pattern, along with a video of how to crochet this scarf is FREE.  There is also a shawl design. 

"Think Pink"

See how the chain stitches form the crossed  pink ribbon?  So clever.

I call my scarf "Think Pink."  This is an easy and brilliant pattern.  I used a size "G" crochet hook with Koigu KPPM yarn.  I also added little flowers at each end of the scarf with some Koigu scraps.  I LOVE my new scarf.  I will be wearing it ALL year 'round, not just in October.

 I might just make this same pattern in red yarn for Aids Awareness.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Final Frontier

On Saturday at my El Segundo Slipt Stitchers Guild meeting, I was enlisted as substitute photographer to document the "Show & Share" portion of our meeting.  This is when Guild members get up and show off their latest knit and/or crochet project to the group.  They usually talk about the project detailing the name of the pattern, the type of yarn they used, etc.  I take a photo of each member and their creation for our website.  
Angela's Starfleet Insignia Shawl Pin

Sometimes the Show & Share item is not yarny at all.  My friend Angela (an excellent designer) showed a very clever shawl pin she had purchased made out of copper into the "Star Trek" starfleet insignia.  Even though the original "Star Trek" TV series (1966-69) only ran for three seasons, it is constantly in reruns around the world.  When I channel surf and see an episode running, I always stop and watch it even though I may have seen all episodes dozens of times. 
Seeing Angela's shawl pin made me want to create outer space items!  Here are a few that I found on Ravelry!
Alien LGM from "Toy Story"

Toy Rocket Ship

Robot with Third Arm

Monstrik the Alien

Ships of "Star Trek" Hat

UFO, Flying Saucer
(click on links above to find patterns)

The Flying Saucer, above is my personal favorite, especially in fuzzy yarn!  Those flying saucers ALWAYS look fuzzy when you see them up in the sky.  Right?

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