Saturday, June 16, 2018

Happy Father's Day

Larry and I attended a funeral yesterday for our friend, photographer Jack Laxer. Jack was 91 years old and led a full and satisfying life. He was best known for his 3-D photographs of mid-century modern architecture in Los Angeles. See these examples for a taste. The service was lovely, his wife, Jan and daughters, Lisa and Ellen planned a wonderful tribute. Sitting in the chapel and listening to everyone speak about Jack made me think about my own Dad, George (1919-2004). I feel sorry for Jack's daughters that he passed just before Father's Day.
George E. Bloom, 1999

When my Dad passed away 14 years ago, everyone told me that it would get easier to think about him and that I wouldn't start sniffling each time. Not true. Yesterday at Jack's funeral brought me right back to my own Father's memorial. I couldn't stop thinking about Pop and what a wonderful man he was. Salty tears on the keyboard right now. Sigh. I miss him very much.
Happy Father's Day to everyone who celebrates and to the memory of all of our fathers who did their best.
Ellen and George, Ahwanhee Hotel, Yosemite, 1961

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Happy Birthday Ken!

So many June birthdays! Today is my big brother's birthday. Happy birthday Ken! I hope you're having a grand celebration today in Pilot Mountain! Your home town of Los Angeles misses you!
Happy Birthday Ken!
It's my goal in life to see how many old, embarrassing vintage photos I can find in the Bloom archives. You've seen all of these! I hope to come up with some rare doozies for next year.
Love, Ell

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Monday, June 11, 2018

World Wide Stitch in Public Day

The West Hollywood Stitch 'n Bitch met this past Saturday, June 9th for World Wide Stitch in Public Day at the Original Farmers Market. We had a great turn-out. It was fun seeing knitters and crocheters we hadn't seen in a long time, as well as some newcomers. Thanks so much for participating!
Sara and Yuki, comparing yarns
Vickie arrived first to save our table. Ellen brought yummy doughnuts from Bob's
Thanks to Kate...way in the back, wearing lilac, for bringing FREE YARN to share!
Lauren, Lucas and Kelli
Newcomers, Robin and Paula checking out Kate's FREE YARN and Lauren's FREE Yarny Magazines
Thanks for braving the crowds at the Farmers Market on a Saturday! Please join us EVERY Thursday night from 7-9 and the second Saturday of each month from 10 am - noon!

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Thursday, June 07, 2018

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my sweet Mom's 96th birthday! WOW! Happy birthday, Rozzi! See you later!

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Wednesday, June 06, 2018

More Town, Less Country

Town and Country Village in the 1950s, 3rd and Fairfax, Los Angeles

Town and Country, which is a shopping center directly across the street from the Original Farmers Market at 3rd and Fairfax is going to change drastically. The entire shopping center will be demolished. There will be a 26-story tower with 380 residential units. Whole Foods and CVS, among others are supposed to come back to the shopping area, along with other stores and restaurants. K-Mart will be gone. There are more details and a rendering of the proposed development HERE
When I was a child, Town and Country Village was a ranch-like shopping center with a few places we frequented like Fisher's Hamburgers, a magazine stand and Andre's Italian Restaurant. Scroll down in this ARTICLE to the Los Angeles section to see more about the history of this property. During the 1960s most of the original buildings were replaced with what stands today, not nearly as charming as the original!
We decided that we should visit Andre's Restaurant since it might not be here any longer. Andre's has been at Town and Country since 1963. The founder, Chef Andrerone owned a similar establishment in Westchester and also the way fancier Andre's of Beverly Hills on Wilshire Boulevard, between Robertson and La Cienega. I do remember going to the place in Beverly HIlls once when I was a child. The Andre's at 3rd and Fairfax is the only remaining Andre's Restaurant. The menu offers home-style Italian food, served cafeteria style at low prices. There's always a line to get inside. It's not fancy, but you can't eat atmosphere!
Andre's in 1963

The food portions are huge and can be easily shared. I ordered the chicken parmesan with ravioli and meat sauce. Larry ordered the poached salmon with vegies and rice pilaf. We also ordered a green salad to split that came with a huge portion of cheese bread. They have home made gelato too. We just didn't have room for dessert!
Copper covers keep the food warm
Salad and Cheese Bread
Chicken Parm with Ravioli
Poached Salmon, Vegies and Rice Pilaf
The Gelato and Ice Cream look yummy!
The dining room has been remodeled over years...nothing fancy, but clean and comfortable. You can also dine on the patio, just outside the restaurant. Get over there soon. No one knows how long Andre's will be at Town and Country Village!

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