Friday, February 02, 2007

Yarn Cakes

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Carla's Beautiful Yarn Cakes

When my group of Yarn-a-Holics talks about YARN CAKES, we're talking about perfectly swift-wound balls of yarn. Sometimes, the yarn cakes are so pristine and beautiful, it's difficult to actually pull the yarn out and knit or crochet it. I was even thinking of making an arrangement of yarn cakes to display on my coffee sculpture to admire. There's even a Yarn Cakes website! Yes, we all take such delight in "baking" these gorgeous yarn cakes, that there are numerous photos on the web of these creations. Carla's yarn cakes are most impressive. I have so many yarn cakes myself, that even taking photos of them is daunting.

Crazy Aunt Purl's Pepto Pink Yarn Cake

At last night's West Hollywood Stitch n' Bitch, the most faboo yarn cake of all was displayed! Frank baked an actual cake shaped into a ball of yarn. It was, by far, the most beautiful and tasty yarn cake I've ever witnessed! He made the cake for a certain someone who helped him with his blog.

Friend, Cake and Frank

Thanks, Frank for baking and sharing with us. Thanks to Carla and Laurie for yarn cake photo usage (even though I didn't ask).

Have a marvelous weekend, everyone!



At 4:37 PM PST, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

You know you've gone over the proverbial edge when you salivate equally between the cakes of fiber and the cake made to look like fiber.

By "you", of course, I mean ME.

At 4:42 PM PST, Blogger Ana Petrova said...

I guess we both had cakes on our mind this morning! I'm still on the hunt for my Dobos Torta.

At 5:23 PM PST, Blogger Allison said...

That was a tasty cake. Frank rocks!

At 6:35 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was my pleasure, Yarn Buddy! It wasn't until I got home that I thought, gee, I could have put in two sharpened wooden dowels to look like knitting needles. Oh well, that's for next time!

At 11:45 PM PST, Blogger mj said...

I can't believe I missed cake. It looks really tasty and I'm sure it was all gone by 8. What's up for next week? How about some yarn cookies?

At 3:34 PM PST, Blogger WineGrrl said...

I am getting tired of missing all the fun at SnB.


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