Friday, November 28, 2008

Quite Lovely

Napa Valley Grill
We had a lovely time at yesterday's family Thanksgiving feast. Thanks to Auntie Mae for hosting the entire family at the Napa Valley Grill in Westwood Village. We had a private dining room, set with 3 tables, so that all 25 of us were quite comfortable.
We had many courses (soup, salad, entree, desert) and lots of choices. We didn't even have to eat turkey if we didn't want to. Mom had the sirloin steak, Larry had the duck, Phil had the salmon, Josh had the shortribs, Liz had the whitefish. I opted for the turkey dinner. It was served beautifully and everyone seemed satisfied with their selections. For dessert, we ventured into the main dining area for a desert, cheese and fruit extravaganza! Wow! How was your Thanksgiving?


At 6:01 PM PST, Blogger Sorka said...

That desert extravaganza looks quite delightful!

At 6:11 PM PST, Blogger Molly said...

My Thanksgiving was wonderful, thank you for asking. My friend Alyssa picked me up and chauffeured me to Geoffrey's in Malibu where we met up with more friends! The food was fabulous, the company fabulous-er and the view from the terrace...*sigh*.

At 7:42 AM PST, Blogger ChelleC said...

Ellen, your Thanksgiving looks like so much fun - and very elegant too.

Mine was wonderful too but I MUST have turkey because I absolutely adore it. I could almost eat Thanksgiving every day - but my waistline objects!

At 1:00 PM PST, Blogger ms. newbill said...

we had a great turkey day. it was my birthday as well, so in addition to all of the traditional stuff that I always cook, we had a cake from Sweet Lady Jane. Perfect ending for a wonderful meal. Only downside...I did a mountain of dishes. Two mountains.

At 8:08 PM PST, Blogger woolanthropy said...

I LOVE the family photo. Everyone looks very happy with big smiles. I think that's a good sign of a great Thanksgiving.


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