Thursday, June 03, 2010


I've written about DuPar's on this blog before. However, we haven't actually eaten here in about 2 years. Yes, there's a reason for that. The food at the DuPar's at the Original Farmers Market is quite average for the price. The decor is great, the service is just OK. This particular DuPar's was updated and remodeled a few years ago. The family that owned Tiny Naylor's and Biff's Coffee Shop now owns DuPar's. When DuPar's first re-opened after being remodeled in 2006, the service was excellent and the place was buzzing! Not so last night.
We were in the mood for a chicken pot pie. DuPar's still makes excellent pies. The dining room was almost empty when we arrived at 7pm on a Wednesday night. We ordered 2 chicken pot pies. A couple of years ago the pies came with either soup or salad. That choice no longer exists. Those items will cost you extra, but the price for the pie is the same ($10.75/chicken; $11.75/beef). Before the remodel and new ownership, the pie cost $5. I'm not complaining that much about the price, but a salad with the pie should be included for that amount! Our waitress slowly took our order to the kitchen. There was only one chicken pot pie left! There was a beef pie though, so we had one of each. The beef pie was delicious. I liked it better than the chicken pie!
Chicken Pot Pie
Beef Pot Pie

My review is mixed. On hot, summer days, it's nice to sit inside the air-conditioned DuPar's and view the Original Farmers Market from their large windows. You still get the feeling that you're at the Market. Forget the burgers, breakfast or salads. Go to Phil's Deli at the east end of the Market for excellent coffee shop fare. Enjoy the decor at DuPar;'s and just order the pies for dinner or for dessert, when you visit.

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At 8:02 PM PDT, Blogger susanc said...

They should definitely include a salad for that price. There was a DuPar's by the bank I worked at many, many years ago, but both the bank and DuPar's are long-gone. I think I ate their only once and it was right downstairs!

At 10:18 PM PDT, Blogger Beth McDermott Oliver said...

I'm very disappointed in DuPar's since their reconstruction. I loved it when they had the long-employed somewhat surly but efficient waitresses. Now it seems like no one there cares about the under-cooked eggs and the over-cooked bacon.

At 6:20 AM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i may just be a country bumpkin, but 10 bucks is kinda steep for a chicken pot pie. of course, I don't live in LA and I guess everything is a bit more pricy than in my neck of the woods. but for sure, If I'm paying $10 for a pie, it should come with a salad. the customers get stuck paying for the expensive remodel.

At 8:57 AM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

I agree with all of you!!! Wildblue, you're not a country bumpkin! Quality and service should be the same, no matter what City you're in! Harumph!

At 9:22 AM PDT, Blogger Natalie said...

DuPar's is a bust ever since they fired/retired all the 90 year old waitresses and lowered the quality of their food.

It's a crying shame.

At 9:24 PM PDT, Anonymous Twilight said...

Oh I love meat pies. Those look tasty. Though I agree it should have come with a side.


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