Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The McPhee Project

Ellen's "Granny McPheeGhan" In Progress

I've been participating in a swap on Ravelry called the "Granny McPhee Afghan Project" within the Vanna's Choice Yarn Group. There are 21 members in the group. We have to crochet five squares for each member. There are exacting parameters for the squares. I've been crocheting squares like crazy. I'm almost finished crocheting and mailing squares. I only have 15 more squares to complete!
Gift Squares for Ellen with Herbal Tea!

In turn, I've been receiving squares from the other members of the group. I started working on my own afghan using the gift squares. Even though all of us are crocheting the same squares and sending them back and forth to each other, it's still exciting to receive an envelope of squares in the mail. There are many color choices in Vanna's yarn and each of us have different ones in our stashes.

More Gift Squares for Ellen with goodies

It's quite a bit of work and responsibility being part of a swap. I'm not rushing to join new swaps for awhile, except of course the Dazzling Dozen Potholder Swap!

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At 6:07 PM PDT, Blogger Sarah said...

WOW, you've been busy!! I love the orange/blue/yellow/green squares at the end. Looks like an afghan that will be well-loved!

At 10:17 AM PDT, Blogger LadyLinoleum said...

This is awesome, Ellen!

At 10:17 AM PDT, Blogger LadyLinoleum said...

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At 10:18 AM PDT, Anonymous Jo Anne said...

Wow, how interesting that the squares you crochet and receive are so much smaller then in your afghan. It looks so so nice! I hope you will keep it for yourself.

At 10:02 AM PDT, Blogger Beth McDermott Oliver said...

So, when you get these squares you then crochet the cream colored border around them? This afghan is going to be wonderful - you must keep it for yourself.


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