Friday, July 22, 2011

Vintage Photo Friday

Kids in an L.A. Park, Enjoying the Slide, 1964, Herald Examiner

My fondest memories of summers in Los Angeles are of riding the bus down Wilshire Blvd. from Beverly Hills to the beach with my girlfriends. Once we reached Wilshire Blvd. in SM, we'd lope down the Santa Monica Incline to the beach. We usually walked a bit north to Tee's Hamburger Shack where all of our friends from Beverly High would hang out. The kids from University, Hamilton and Palisades High hung out near the Sorrento burger shack. Years later a developer tore down the Sorrento stand and built an apartment building called the Sorrento!
Once settled in the sand near where the cute boys were playing Frisbee, we'd slather ourselves with baby oil and then bake in the hot Santa Monica sun! No wonder I have wrinkles today! Usually, someone's Mom or Dad would pick us up and give us a lift home at the end of the day. It was a big treat to stop for ice-cream on the ride home. We'd giggle ourselves into hysterics when we'd pull up to Herbie's Hot Nuts and Ice-Cream on Pico Blvd. on the border of West L.A. and Santa Monica. Herbie's Hot Nuts!?!?!
It's the middle of summer. Go outside and enjoy it! I plan to enjoy the last few days of my summer vacation this weekend!

Volleyball, Cabrillo Beach, San Pedro, 1945, Herald Examiner
Wading in the Pool, Long Beach, 1937

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