Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year!

Vintage Photo Friday

Festive Party Attire, 1950

2012 should be an excellent year! 2011 was pretty good too. Usually, on New Year's Eve Larry and I go to an early movie and then out to dinner....casual, nothing fancy. Many restaurants in town have a New Year's special, charge too much money, give you lousy service and inferior food. Last year we ended up at our preferred restaurant, Pann's Coffee Shop for a delicious fried chicken dinner.
This year one of our favorite couples is having a party! This group of people are cuisine experts. Everyone is bringing their own special hors 'd oeuvres.....finger food only, no forks or spoons. It should be quite festive and sticky.
Not sure what to wear to the party. I'm thinking that a tiara or fascinator just might be the ticket to give me a party look!

New Year's Tiara
Standard Party Hats

Ellen's Bird Nest Fascinator

Oh Yeah! I think that wearing a bird's nest on my head will give me a look of refreshing beginnings for the New Year!!! What are you doing for New Year's Eve?

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At 4:45 PM PST, Blogger Jean said...

The Bird Nest Fascinator would be a hoot. Spending New Years eve at JP's, spent the day walking the gardens of the Huntington Library. The weather was perfect. Happy New Year


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