Monday, April 23, 2012

Peakies @Bergamot

On Saturday I met up with my friend, Joan at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica.  We were there for the opening of a new show at Copro Gallery called "Twin Peaks:  Fire Walk with Me" - 20th Anniversary Group Art Exhibition.

Peakies Waiting in Line

The gallery opened at 8pm.  We arrived around 7:45.  The line was down the block to get inside!  A similar crush happened last year at Clifton's Cafeteria downtown for the David Lynch art show commemorating the 20th anniversary of the TV show.  This show on Saturday commemorated the 20th anniversary of the movie that preceded the TV series.
Luckily, we got into the packed gallery and saw many of the fascinating pieces.  It was a real crush inside though, so we rushed just to get out of the tremendous crowd.  I'll definitely go back to Copro to really look at the pieces when there aren't so many people inside!

"Bob" by Chet Zar

"Between Two Worlds" by Megan Brain (paper cutouts)
"An Old Woman and Her Grandson" by Shag
A few other galleries were open at Bergamot, but most of the people were at Copro, including many art patrons dressed like characters from the Lynch movie.  I'm waiting for Lynch to make another "Twin Peaks" movie.  Peakies Forever!

Peakie BFFs, Ellen and Joan

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