Friday, April 27, 2012

Vintage Photo Friday

Clockwise from center-front:  
Freda, Mae, Roz and Celia Katz
Venice Beach, August, 1935

My Mom often tells me all about the times she and her family spent at her Grandma's house on Westminster Avenue, Venice Beach.  My Mom was a beach bum.  Here she is on the beach with her Mother and her two sisters.  My Mom (center back) was 13 in this photo.
On our recent drive out to my Cousin Carolyn's house for Passover, Aunt Mae was telling us stories about my Mom and Venice Beach.  There was a plunge on the Venice Pier.  Roz would climb up to the highest diving board and jump off into the pool.  Aunt Mae said that many times Roz would swim way out into the waves of the far that they couldn't see her any more.  I just can't imagine my Mom being a daredevil, but Aunt Mae confirmed it for us!  Rozzie looks like a rough 'n tumble tom-boy in this photo!  All that early exercise has sustained my Mom.  At almost 90 years old, she's still goin' strong today!
Venice Beach hasn't changed all that much since 1935.  Many of the old buildings are still there.  The picture, below, shows my great grandmother sitting in front of 41 Westminister Avenue.  I searched online and found this photo. Click on "street view" to see what's there today. Looks like the old house may still be there, behind the fence and shrubbery!

Great Grandma, Emma Davis, 41 Westminster Ave., Venice, 1933

Venice Beach is a great place to stroll on the sand, catch the waves and watch the passing parade.  If the weather holds this weekend, it might be nice to take a ride down to Westminster  Avenue.

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At 1:00 PM PDT, Blogger subliminalrabbit said...

Wow, but that part of the Venice boardwalk hasn't changed at ALL - I know exactly where that is!

At 3:30 PM PDT, Anonymous Jo Anne said...

What wonderful photos and memories!!


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