Friday, August 30, 2013

Vintage Photo Friday - The Beach

This is officially the last weekend of summer.  Here in California we're very lucky to have our summers last well into late October, sometimes even later!  Time to get out to the beach!!
A distant cousin recently contacted me through my blog.  He's related to me through my Grandma, Ethel Pellicoff Bloom.  It's complicated, but my Great-Grandmother, Dora Karlowsky Pellicoff was the sister to Kevin's Great-Great Grandfather, Zachary Karlowsky.  When Kevin searched the name, Pellicoff online, he found this post of mine.  He recognized the names in pencil on the back of my Grandmother's graduation photo as cousins of his!  We'll definitely have to straighten out the family tree to comprehend it all.   The internet is a wonderful thing.  Kevin lives in Philadelphia, where my Father and Uncle were born.  
Every summer Grandma Ethel would travel by train with her sons, from Los Angeles through Chicago to stay with our Bloom relatives and then on to Atlantic City for the summer.  My Dad spoke fondly of his summers at his family's Kosher Hotel in Atlantic City.  Here are a few beach photos from that time.
1924, Atlantic City with Cousin Herbie, Baby Hi, Mort and George (holding a kitten in his shirt)!
1920, Atlantic City. Cousin Herbie and Mort
1920, Atlantic City.  My Grandparents, Ethel & Lawrence with Mort and George.
1920, Atlantic City.  Ethel & Lawrence Bloom, Dora & Bernard Pellicoff with George and Mort.

Take some beach photos this weekend and post them!  I'll try to do the same.  Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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