Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Quarter Stitch - LYS

We landed in New Orleans today.  Thanks again to my wonderful neighbors who are taking care of the estate back home!

Once we got to our hotel in the French Quarter, we figured out that we'd had a meager airport/Starbucks breakfast and salty snax on the plane.  We needed some protein for lunch.  It was 3:00 pm L.A. time, 5:00 N.O. time.  We were meeting up with our tour group at 6:30 for dinner.  We had just enough time to get a nice plate of local oysters and slurp them down.  YUM!  
Larry walked off through the Quarter to check out the record stores.  I decided to walk back to the hotel.  What did I spy on my way?  The local yarn shop, of course.  Really.  I was not looking for the yarn shop!  The yarn shop found me. I just happened to be drawn automatically there.

The shop is called The Quarter Stitch.  It's truly adorable and full o' fantastic and colorful yarn.  It's a high-end yarn and needlepoint shop.  There was nothing in this store that I could not find in Los Angeles.  I was prepared to just take some photos and be on my way.  No chance.  I had to purchase some souvenir yarn.  If you purchase souvenir yarn on a trip, it doesn't count toward your stash (so I've heard).  

The shop samples are wonderful

They wrap up your yarn in tissue paper and cellophane and tie it up in ribbons, like a big present.  Well, I guess it was a present from myself!

Puppy Needlepoint Canvases!

Souvenir Yarn

Tomorrow we're off to Jazz Fest.  I'll be meeting up with a few knitters and crocheters during down times at the Fest!

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At 2:18 AM PDT, Blogger ES said...

Awesome find!

At 5:16 AM PDT, Blogger Unknown said...

I love the Quarter Stitch! I think if you can't find something good there then you just aren't looking. I made my last visit in March over spring break. That yarn doesn't count. Enjoy Jasz Fest!


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