Friday, January 30, 2015

Ladies Luncheon - Vintage Photo Friday

Which hat shall I wear to Ladies Luncheon tomorrow?

Yes, that's right, all I do is have fun lunch dates with my girlfriends, eat dinner out, go to parties and generally have loads of fun.  Hahahahahaha!  In between all that, I work 5 days a week, cook dinner (sometimes), try to keep our house on the tidy side and grapple with Los Angeles traffic on a daily basis.  All in all, I have a very good life.  I'm not complaining. So many people (blog-readers) have come up to me and said, "Gee, all you do is have fun!" Well, I don't broadcast the mundane chores and/or bad stuff in my life.  I'm basically a cheerful person and I like to spread that joy and cheer.  You will not see a photo of me scrubbing the floor on this blog!
Dessert in the Kitchen.  1965

That said, tomorrow I'm looking forward to brunch with my Crochet Ladies.  We're (still) celebrating Natalie's birthday and Carol's too.  We're going to Terrine on Beverly Boulevard near Sweetzer in WeHo.  The brunch menu looks varied and delightful. 
After brunch we'll be heading back to our house for birthday presents, tea and dessert. See?  I do have to do a bit of housework and preparation!

1962.  Valley Times Photo Collection.  This is Mrs. John Boden of Burbank and her frozen salad of fruit cocktail and marshmallows molded into #2-1/2 cans, chilled and sliced.  YUM!

Our dessert tomorrow will not be as labor-intense or impressive as Mrs. Boden's frozen fruit cocktail and marshmallow salad, above!

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At 3:18 PM PST, Blogger Ada Rudolph said...

You must be exceptionally organized and/or efficient to accomplish all that you do...and do so well! Keep on doing it all, Ellen - you are an inspiration!

At 3:24 PM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Thank you, Ada! I only post the fun things that I do!!!


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