Wednesday, May 27, 2015


The Red Car!  Click on pictures to embiggen.

After viewing Ken Twitchell's "Freeway Lady" mural at L.A. Valley College on Sunday, we knew that right around the corner on the east side of campus was "The Great Wall of Los Angeles." This mural is almost a mile long and is painted on one of the concrete walls of the Tujunga Wash, a flood control channel. I've passed this 6-block mural by car many times, but have never parked to walk the length of it and look at it in detail.

Wow! I love the richness of the murals. The subject matter is the history of ethnic peoples in Southern California.  Artist, Judith Baca, designed the murals. With the help of students and volunteers, painting began in 1975 and was finished in 1984. There have been restorations and subsequent paintings added in recent years under the auspices of SPARC, Social and Public Art Resource Center. 

Western Movie Star, William S. Hart looks like Bob Dylan here!

There is a parkway that runs along the fenced-in wash, planted with shade trees and a nice path. This is a field trip worth taking!

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