Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Granny Cat Progress

Ellen's Granny Square Kitty Cat Softie in progress

Last week I mentioned that I was interested in working on some crocheted and/or knitted toy animals. I started crocheting the Granny Square Kitty Cat Softie by Julie Harrison. Not only are crochet skills needed to complete this kitty, but sewing and embroidery skills are needed.  I'm OK in the crochet and sewing departments, but my embroidery skills are rusty. I have to look up how to make that simple chain stitch so I can add the kitty's whiskers! 

Granny Square Kitty Cat Softie by Julie Harrison

My crafty friend, Suzette also crocheted this adorable kitty. Suzy-ette (Ravelry name) left off kitty's legs, but included the tail. I'll see how I like my kitty after I stuff the body. I may follow Suzette's lead on this one, making kitty more of a pillow.

Suzette's Granny Square Kitty Cat Pillow, modeled by the always colorful Miss Natalie of Hollywood

There are other versions of this granny square kitty on Ravelry, like Granny Cat by Jen Maude. I like that this pattern looks good no matter how you change it!
Granny Cat by Jen Maude
Now, to brush up on my embroidery skills!

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At 1:12 AM PDT, Blogger Lizzy Tex Borden said...

I LOVE those granny cats. I would not separate the three. They look so great together.


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