Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Some Places Never Change

Chapman Market, 1929

Thankfully, some beautiful buildings in Los Angeles never change. This is the case of The Chapman Market on Sixth Street at Alexandria in the Wilshire District, also known as Korea Town.
Chapman Market, 2013, Photo by Michael Juliano

Chapman Market's architectural style is Spanish Revival. It opened in 1929 as one of the first drive-through grocery stores. The central courtyard was set aside for parking. 

 All black and white photos, 1929, Security First National Bank Collection, 
LAPL Photo Archives

The architectural firm of Morgan, Walls & Clements designed Chapman Market, for land developer Charles Chapman (Chapman University, O.C.). By the 1980s, this group of buildings had fallen into disrepair. Developer Wayne Ratkovich restored the center in 1989 to it's former beauty. Instead of produce and groceries, the individual shops are now home to restaurants, bakeries, karaoke bars and specialty stores, catering to a mostly Korean clientele. 
Chapman Market, 2008, photo by Mike Schneider

I absolutely LOVE this historic building in our beautiful City. I'm so glad that it is still in use!

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At 4:54 AM PDT, Blogger ken bloom said...

Nice, Ell. This is the LA I remember growing up. Some of my most vivid memories are of some places in the 50's. Buildings like this spark some of those memories. Thank you!


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